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New additions to AIC leadership

Announcing Changes to the AIC Board of Directors and CCC Board of Governors

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is committed to being a steadfast pillar in the construction field, ensuring that the highest standards of professionalism and ethics are maintained. The key to our standing in the industry is strong leadership.

We are eager to announce new roles on the AIC Board of Directors and new additions to the Constructor Certification Commission (CCC) Board of Governors. Learn more about the latest developments with our oversight teams.

Stability in Leadership: New Additions to AIC Board

The AIC Board of Directors, known for its strategic direction and governance, will have two new additions to the AIC Board Executive Committee. Current Board members, Dr. Charles Berryman (LSU) and Hugh Cronin (Cronin Construction Management), have been elected to the Executive Committee.

Additionally, we would like to thank Ted Chamberlain (Sundt) for his service on the Board as Secretary. Ted is rolling off from his position after completing a two-year term in this critical leadership role.

As we look ahead to the future of our organization, we would like to highlight why Dr. Berryman and Hugh are excellent additions to the Executive Committee. Both individuals are beginning their second terms on the Board and are prepared to take on greater responsibility on the Committee.

Learn how these leaders will help us uphold the highest construction standards and remain focused on our organizational mission to accelerate constructor excellence.

Dr. Charles Berryman: Supporting the Future of Construction

For most members of our organization, Dr. Charles Berryman, Ph.D., FAIC, CPC, needs no introduction. Dr. Berryman is recognized for his expertise as an educator, researcher, and administrator in construction management. He has been a key figure in AIC for many years, supporting the advancement of the industry educationally and professionally.

In the education realm, Dr. Berryman serves as Chair of the Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management (CM) at Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU Construction is one of the premier departments in the country, thanks to its strong commitment to supporting its construction management students.

Within our organization, Dr. Berryman is well decorated, including receiving our organization’s highest honor as an AIC Fellow:

Additionally, Dr. Berryman and LSU Construction sponsored the two most recent editions of the Fellows breakfast during our annual conference.

We appreciate Dr. Berryman’s commitment to serving future construction leaders. We are confident that he will make a strong addition to the Executive Committee by providing keen insights into how we can support construction managers as they transition from the classroom to the real world of construction management.

Hugh Cronin: Real-World Experience Matters

Hugh E. Cronin, CPC, LEED AP, PMP, is the owner of Cronin Construction Management, a construction project management service provider that specifically supports project owners, developers, and investors. Hugh has gained 25+ years of construction experience, including helping stakeholders overcome various challenges on the path to successful project delivery.

Hugh has successfully managed capital projects within several sectors, including commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and higher education. His experience in high-stress, fast-paced work environments makes him an ideal fit for the decision-making required on the Executive Committee. Hugh has made his mark in AIC in these distinct ways:

Hugh spent 21 years in the  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where he developed problem-solving skills that have translated to finding real-world solutions on the construction site. We recognize that Hugh is a dependable leader and team player whose excellent communication and people skills will translate well to the Committee.

Dynamic Shifts: New Additions to the Constructor Certification Commission (CCC)

The CCC plays a critical role in our organization by ensuring the integrity and robustness of our AIC exams. Having new voices at the table helps us maintain the highest possible standards for professional certification in the industry.

AIC is ushering in a new era of leadership and expertise by adding Chris Ellis (Skanska USA) and Joe Kranz (Gilbane Building Company) to the Board of Governors. Chris and Joe will join the current CCC Board of Governors for a four-year term.

Chris Ellis: Vice-Chair of the AIC-CCC Exam Committee

Chris Ellis, CPC, was elected to the CCC Board of Governors to begin a 4-year term. He will also continue serving in his current role as the Vice-Chair of the AIC-CCC Exam Committee.

Chris has an impressive background in construction and property management. His multifaceted experience in large-scale project management and his strong commitment to enhancing business productivity make him a tremendous asset to the Commission.

Professionally, Chris is currently a Project Controls Manager for Skanska USA, where he embodies the qualities of a team player and a leader. His industry expertise includes commercial management, negotiation, budget development, and manpower planning – among other areas.

Chris is known for his attention to detail, commitment to long-term strategic planning, and passionate focus on enhancing productivity in business, design, and construction. His experience with mission-critical construction work has equipped him with the knowledge and skills essential for driving the CCC forward.

Joe Kranz: Elevated to Chair of the AIC-CCC Exam Committee

Joe Kranz, FAIC, CPC, was appointed to the CCC Board of Governors to begin his 4-year term. Joe previously served on the Board of Advisors for the CCC, and now he’s moving to the Board of Governors.

Joe is a seasoned and respected figure in the construction industry. Professionally, he is a Project Executive for the Gilbane Building Company. He is seasoned with project leadership and managing project teams. Plus, he is invested in the future of construction by participating in coaching and mentoring for newer professionals.

For more than 15 years, Joe has been a strong figure in our organization. Joe was recently named to the AIC College of Fellows, the highest honor anyone in our organization can achieve. 

Joe is one of the leading advocates of our Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) Level II exam in the construction field. During his time with AIC, Joe has served as a CPC Examination Committee member and Exam Committee Writing Skills Sub-Committee Chairman.

Joe’s standing in our organization and the industry as a whole captures his significant contributions to the construction sector. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new CCC position. His leadership qualities and deep understanding of the industry will be crucial in guiding the Commission’s examination and certification processes.

AIC Eager to Welcome New AIC and CCC Board Members

AIC is poised for a future filled with growth. The Board of Directors will continue its strong leadership with the additions of Dr. Berryman and Hugh Cronin to the Executive Committee, providing a solid foundation for organizational activities. Meanwhile, the fresh perspectives and expertise from Chris and Joe will invigorate the Constructor Certification Commission.

The recent changes are wins for our organization and the broader construction community. Together, we have a new opportunity to elevate the standards of certification to benefit individual constructors, contractors, and project owners.
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