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Gain Confidence in Our CAC and CPC ExamsWe Meet the Highest Standards in Construction Excellence Through ANAB Accreditation

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The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and the Constructor Certification Commission (CCC) are proud to be ANAB Accredited. The American National Standards Institute has accredited our construction certification exams, the Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) Exam and the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) exam, under ANAB/ISO/IEC 17024 for Personnel Certification Bodies.

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Why Is ANAB Accreditation Important?

Becoming ANAB Accredited means that the CAC and CPC exams meet the highest of standards. This provides an added level of confidence in the certification and the people who hold the CAC and CPC designation. It also protects the integrity of the CAC and CPC programs and their legal defensibility.

ANAB accreditation involves a review of submitted material, a site visit to ensure compliance with their requirements, and verification of documents that have been submitted prior to the on-site visit. Due to a high degree of integrity and confidence that is associated with ANAB accreditation process, ANAB accreditation is generally recognized as the highest standard in personnel certification accreditation.

The standard used by ANAB to accredit certification bodies is an American National Standard as well as an ISO/IEC Standard. Accreditation to an international standard is extremely important for certification bodies that have global operations or aspirations. The American National Standard is important to facilitate government recognition.

ANAB follows an internationally-recognized process for accrediting organizations. ANAB conducts its accreditation in accordance with the requirement of ISO/IEC 17011 – Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies. This International Standard is the foundational Standard that is used to recognize ANAB accreditation in any multilateral and/or mutual recognition agreements.

ANAB has a historical track record of successfully conducting accreditation of certification programs drawn from different industrial sectors from not-for-profits, large multinational corporations, and government agencies.