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Differentiate Your Company in the Construction MarketplaceEarn Your AIC Badge to Demonstrate a Commitment to Ethics in Construction

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AIC is committed to construction ethics, ensuring fair labor practices in construction, and serving as an owner advocate for construction project delivery. We certify construction professionals through our rigorous certification program and ensure that ethics is embedded in the fabric of the construction companies that we partner with.

Through our commitment to ethics, we support alignment with architects and engineers to support the entire AEC industry. A natural byproduct of working with AIC certified constructors and companies is assurance of project quality, a higher level of professionalism, and a reduction of risk in the permitting and approval process for government entities.

If you believe that you align with our mission and commitment to ethics in construction, consider applying for the AIC badge. This signals to the market that you participate in the advancement of construction and the overall AEC industry.

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