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Add Value to Construction Management Through An Ethical ApproachLearn the AIC Construction Creed For Ethics in Construction

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A professional constructor is a responsible master of all aspects of the construction process, as well as the essential parts within construction. Possessing such skills and knowledge acquired through education and refined by experience is essential to advance the construction industry.

An individual who initiates, develops, produces, delivers, or services construction work is responsible for adhering to a construction creed based in construction ethics. This way, you are consistently meeting the budget, schedule, and standards of quality that benefit clients and society as a whole.

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Take the AIC Construction Creed

I am a construction professional. I fully support AIC, a professional society of construction professionals that seek to provide the individual professional constructor with the same status as their fellow professionals in the AEC Industry. I am committed to serving the construction industry with professionalism and always striving for high ethical standards.

I am committed to generating public trust and confidence in all construction. I recognize that any profession’s most vital resource is its people. I will be a positive force in the advancement of the construction profession.

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