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Advance Your Career Through A Commitment to Construction EthicsLearn the AIC Code of Ethics for Construction Management

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The construction industry relies upon a system of ethical competence, management excellence, and fair dealing in undertaking complex works to serve the public with safety, efficiency, and economy. We ask that all AIC Members, Certified Associate Constructors (CACs), and Certified Professional Constructors (CPCs) commit to the following AIC Constructor Code of Ethics.

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AIC Code of Ethics for Constructors

  • A Constructor shall have full regard to the public interest in fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the employer or client.


  • A Constructor shall not engage in any deceptive practice, or in any practice which creates an unfair advantage for the Constructor or another.


  • A Constructor shall not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation of others.


  • A Constructor shall ensure that when providing a service which includes advice, such advice shall be fair and unbiased.


  • A Constructor shall not divulge to any person, firm, or company, information of a confidential nature acquired during the course of professional activities.


  • A Constructor shall carry out responsibilities in accordance with current professional practice, so far as it lies within his or her power.


  • A Constructor shall keep informed of new thought and development in the construction process appropriate to the type and level of his or her responsibilities and shall support research and the educational processes associated with the construction profession.

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