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Grow Construction Knowledge To Advance in Your CareerAccess The AIC Professional Constructor Journal for Construction Education

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The Professional Constructor — the Journal of AIC — is a bi-annual publication. Each article undergoes a three-person review panel consisting of AIC members. The review evaluates the content and style, and its appropriateness as either a general interest or scholarly publication. Access recent editions of the Journal to advance your knowledge of the construction industry.

The Editor of the Journal is Jason Lucas, PhD, Assistant Professor at Clemson University. If you wish to submit an article for consideration, please review the Submission Guide or submit your finished article by email to [email protected].

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Download Most Recent Editions of The Journal

Fall 2023 Edition
  • Knowledge Management: General Contractors vs. Specialty Contractors – An Insight into Culture and Perception in the SE United States
  • Status of Drone Education in Construction Management Programs at 2-year Community Colleges
  • Lean Construction and Design-Build Projects
  • Benchmarking Residential Carpentry Contractors’ Perspective on Safety in the South Eastern U.S.
  • Using Takt Time to Increase Scheduling Reliability: A Case Study and The 2023 James L. Allhands Essay Competition Award Winners
Fall 2022 Edition
  • Construction Management Internship: A key opportunity for assessment and continuous curriculum improvement
  • Stick Built vs. Precut Wall Framing for New Home Construction: A comparison of framing labor hours, waste hauls, and purchase orders
  • Best Practices for Reducing Construction Accidents involving Hispanic Construction Workers
  • Total Cost of Ownership of Battery-Powered vs. Hardwired Sensor Faucets in Commercial and Educational Construction Projects
Spring 2022 Edition
  • Current State of the Workforce Demographics and Knowledge Transfer in the Southeast United States
  • Educating the Construction Client: Training Strategy for Buyers of Commercial
  • Design and Construction Services
  • Perceptions of Remote Work within the Construction Industry Resulting from the
  • COVID-19 Pandemic in the South Central United States
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Sense of Community / Student Engagement
  • Using Flight Simulation as a Convenient Method for UAS Flight Assessment for Contractors
Fall 2021 Edition
  • Evaluation of In-Cab Air Quality for Nonroad Diesel Construction Equipment.
  • Prefabrication in Buildings with Focus on Emerging MEP Rack Systems.
  • Minority and Female Participation in Construction Industry Apprenticeship Programs.
  • Case Study: Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Support Bridge Inspections
Spring 2021 Edition
  • Case-Study of Real-World Emissions Vs. EPA Emission Standards for Motor Graders.
  • Frequency and Magnitude of Cost Growth in Public Works Contracts.
  • Understanding Subcontractor Selection Factors in the Building Construction Industry for the Southeast United States.
  • More Articles On Climate Change, Technology, and Other Topics.
Fall 2020 Edition
  • PERT, CPM & the Tangled History of Network Scheduling.
  • ​A Culture-Based Analysis of Construction Management Students’ Conflict Management Styles.
  • Identifying Challenges to Project Outcomes from a Transportation Project Owner Perspective
  • Change Management in Construction & More Topics.