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Establish Your Career in Construction ManagementAIC Certification: Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) Level I Exam

Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) is the first level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program. This level of certification is ideal for recent graduates of a 4-Year Construction Management Program or those transitioning into construction management from other industries.

Professionals applying for the CAC Exam have a high level of skill and knowledge in managing and implementing the process of construction. Why is this important?

  • CACs bring value to any project as they have a verified skill and knowledge level.
  • CACs create peace of mind for project owners as a trustworthy, high-performing individual.
  • CACs elevate the safety of a work site with confirmed knowledge of best practices.
  • CACs seek continual professional improvement through our required Continuing Professional Development program.
  • CACs agree to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics, which ensures that you are committed to being a professional and ethical member of the industry.
Please note that this certification was formerly the Associate Constructor (AC).

CAC Level 1 Fall Registration

The CAC Fall exam application period will begin on August 31st and conclude on September 10th.

The CAC Fall exam registration period will begin on September 18th and conclude on October 1st.

For students: the CAC Paper/Pencil exam is scheduled for November 4th. Your program administrator will communicate information to you about their specific exam policies. Take note that the paper/pencil exam is only available for students at colleges and universities.

Online University exam dates:

  • CAC University Computer-Based Exam Dates: November 4-12, 2023
    • Please contact your university for details

For professionals: if you are approved to sit for the CAC exam, you will have the option to register for the exam during the following testing window:

Fees For Certified Associate Construction Exam

  • Traditional Paper/Pencil: $165 (administered through university partners).
  • Computer-Based, University-Proctored: $200 (administered through university partners).
  • Computer-Based, Test-Center Proctored: $235 (delivered through our test-center network).

The Result of Completing the CAC Level I Exam

Construction professionals that complete the CAC Level I Exam will be able to demonstrate a high level of skill and knowledge in managing the process of construction covering the following areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Engineering Management
  • Management Concepts
  • Materials, Methods & Project Modeling
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Budgeting, Costs & Cost Control
  • Planning, Scheduling & Schedule Control
  • Construction Safety
  • Construction Geomatics
  • Project Administration
  • Newly Certified Members Receive an Official AIC Certificate

The Components of the CAC Level 1 Exam

The CAC Level I Exam is broken down into the following aspects:

  • The CAC exam is made up of 300 multiple choice questions, given during two 4-hour sessions on a single day.
  • The exam covers 10 separate sections to demonstrate that you have a core competency in construction and are ready to contribute meaningfully to the construction industry.
  • The exam is given twice per year (spring and fall) at 60+ locations across the country.
  • 50+ university Construction Management Programs currently administer the CAC exam. Most require the exam as part of their program curriculum.

Contact AIC To Coordinate Certification Sessions

For administrator and university professionals looking to coordinate CAC or CPC certification sessions, please reach out directly to Gregg Bradshaw at [email protected] and Ethan Gray at [email protected].

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