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The College of Fellows is a community of AIC members who have participated in the AIC organization for a respected length of time. Fellowship is the highest honor offered to an AIC member. It is limited to individuals who have sufficiently advanced in their careers and have demonstrated a consistent pattern of professional performance. The AIC College of Fellows seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, promote the purposes of the Institute, advance the profession of construction, mentor young constructors, and be of ever-increasing service to society.

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How to Join the College of Fellows

To be considered a Fellow, an individual must possess a distinguished background of service to AIC, as well as maintain an AIC classification of Professional Member for at least ten years. Fellows must be at least 40 years of age, hold a position of eminence in the profession, and be elected by a majority of the Fellows in good standing.

Call for AIC Fellow Nominations

The AIC College of Fellows is now accepting nominations.  Nominations must carry the endorsement of at least two AIC Members at the Professional or Fellow Level. Those nominated must then receive a majority vote of approval by the current College of Fellows.

  • The AIC College of Fellows Coordinator is Andrew Wasiniak, FAIC, CPC
  • Looking for an AIC Fellow? Search our College of Fellows Directory.
  • Nominations are currently closed.

The AIC College of Fellows

  • Charles Berryman, Ph.D., FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2022]
  • Gregg Bradshaw, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2022]
  • Edward Brayton, Ph.D., FAIC, CPC, CPE [Inducted in 2019]
  • Greg Carender, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2022]
  • Lana Coble, Ph.D., FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2023]
  • Edward Foster, Ph.D., PE, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2010]
  • Keith Gillam, FAIC, ICS, PQS(F) [Inducted in 2003]
  • Mark Giorgi, FAIC [Inducted in 2013]
  • Mike Golden, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2013]
  • David Gunderson, Ph.D., FAIC [Inducted in 2016]
  • Mark Hall, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2023]
  • Geno Hogan, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2024]
  • Brian Holley, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2022]
  • Allen Crowley, Jr., FAIC [Inducted in 2007]
  • Penny Knoll, MS, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2024]
  • Joe Kranz, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2023]
  • Roger Liska, Ph.D., FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 1994]
  • Tanya Matthews, FAIC, ISP [Inducted in 1996]
  • Joe Matthews, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2010]
  • Paul Mattingly, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2015]
  • David Mattson, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 1997]
  • Hoyt Monroe, FAIC [Inducted in 2002]
  • Brad Monson, FAIC, CPC, MSOL, PMP, LEED AP [Inducted in 2022]
  • Murray Papendorf, FAIC, MBA, CPC [Inducted in 2023]
  • Gary Plemons, FAIC [Inducted in 2014]
  • James Redlinger, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2008]
  • Carl Roegner, FAIC, CPC, PE [Inducted in 2007]
  • Tom Smithey, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2023]
  • Christopher Soffe, FAIC, PPCIOB, FRICS, MCIArb., MCMI, CEnv [Inducted in 1992]
  • Bob Stephens, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2024]
  • James Tramel, FAIC, CPC, CCA, CSHO [Inducted in 2022]
  • Andrew Wasiniak, FAIC, CPC [Inducted in 2012]

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