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AIC Certifications The Mark of Construction Excellence

The AIC Constructor Certification Program validates that a constructor has mastered the skills and knowledge required to manage and implement the complex process of construction. Our exams require constructors to meet required education and/or experience qualifications prior to application.

  • Associate Constructor (AC) is the first level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program.
  • Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) is the highest level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program.
  • Certified Constructors are required to maintain their original certification through continuing professional development (CPD) as part of Recertification.
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Contact AIC To Coordinate Certification Sessions

For administrator and university professionals looking to coordinate AC or CPC certification sessions, please reach out directly to Gregg Bradshaw at and Ethan Gray at

David Rowe, Durotech, CEO/Co-Founder

“AIC exams are good for the employee. It brings credibility to them as a worker in construction. Also, owners have additional assurance that these individuals have the expertise to manage their projects. Upper management can also view a snapshot of their employees to see where they stand in their overall knowledge in construction management.”

David Rowe Durotechs