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Maintain Your Commitment to Constructor Professionalism Participate in the AIC Recertification Program

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Certified Constructors are required to participate in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program. This program is designed to ensure our Certified Constructors maintain a high level of expertise throughout their career. Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) and Certified Professional Constructors (CPCs) each have unique reporting requirements to follow to ensure their Credentials remain in good standing.

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To maintain your standing as a certified professional, you must pay an annual recertification fee. This fee is billed in October each year.

The fee helps us maintain the integrity of our ANSI-accredited constructor certification program for the CAC and CPC exams. The fees also help us to continue providing training and guidance materials for the exams, the ethics manual, and ethics competitions.

The fees are structured to encourage CACs and CPCs to become AIC members:

Recertification Annual Dues

  • CAC Recertification (Non-Member): $175/year
  • CAC Recertification (Member): $25/year
  • CPC Recertification (Non-Member): $350/year
  • CPC Recertification (Member): $50/year

Please note that AIC Certification is not the same as membership within AIC. You may be a CAC or CPC and not a member, but you are welcome and encouraged to join.

AIC Recertification: Certified Professional Constructor CPD Program Requirements

– CPD Credit Hours Requirement: CPCs must obtain 32 CPD credit hours every 24 months. These credits are classified in two areas — Education or Membership & Service—and are earned as follows:

  • 1 Hour of Coursework or Service = 1 CPD Credit Hour.

Upon earning the CPC designation, you will be assigned a Certification End date. The two years prior to that date will be your Certification Review Period, which is the period of time you will report your CPD Hours for.

Education CPD Credit Hours: A minimum of 20 hours per 2 year period must be earned in this category. Any course that can be reasonably assumed to enhance a Constructor’s ability to manage the execution of construction projects. These can be obtained by attending conferences, webinars, or company training.

Membership & Service CPD Credit Hours: A maximum of 12 hours per 2 year period can be earned in this category. These credits are earned by volunteer activity to charitable organizations, membership within the AIC, leadership of an association, or submitting exam questions for use on the CAC or CPC Exams.

Recertification Process for CPCs: 90% of CPCs will be asked to submit the CPD Affidavit Form. This form will ask that CPC to attest that they have earned the required 32 CPD Hours during their Certification Review Period. CPCs will be notified in November that they are required to submit this online form prior to their Certification End Date, and this form is required to be submitted before March 15. The CPD Affidavit Form does not require CPCs to submit back-up documentation of their earned CPD Hours.

CPCs can log and track their continuing education credits by using the CPD Journal.

CPD Audits: Each year, 10% of CPCs will be required to undergo a CPD Audit. This requires CPCs to submit back-up documentation of the CPD Credit Hours they earned for the requested Certification Review Period. CPCs will be asked to submit certificates of attendance, verification from sponsor organizations, or any other type of confirmation to prove their participation in the claimed CPD Credit Hour sessions. CPCs submit a CPD Ledger detailing their hours for the period in addition to the backup documentation.

For more information on the CPC CPD Program, including definitions and forms, please download the CPD Requirements Document

Certified Associate Constructor CPD Program Requirements: Certified Associate Constructors are not required to obtain CPD Credit Hours. Once certified, a CAC will be given a Certification End Date, which is two full years from their Certification Date. At the end of that two-year period and subsequent two-year periods, a CAC must submit the CAC CPD Reporting Form. This form asks the CAC to update their contact information, work history over the two-year period, and if they attended any continuing education courses.

The form must be signed by the CAC’s work supervisor. This form is requested in October before a CAC’s Certification End date and is due back by March 15.

CAC to CPC: Certified Associate Constructors must attempt to sit for the CPC exam within 10 years of being awarded the CAC credential. Those who do not will be required to sit for the CAC exam in order to maintain the CAC credential. Those earning the CAC prior to 2013 have until 2023 to sit for the CPC exam.

CACs who are AIC members pay a nominal $25 annual re-certification fee. However, CACs who are not AIC members must pay $175 to re-certify. CPCs who are AIC members pay $50/year to re-certify. However, CPCs who are not AIC members must pay $350 annually to renew their CPC certification.

For more information on the CAC CPD Program and to download the CAC CPD Reporting Form, please download the Continuing Professional Development Program Requirements.

Other Important AIC Recertification Information

– Purchase a special AIC Certificate Frame to display your CAC or CPC Certificate from our partner, Framing Success.

– For information on the CAC Level 1 Recertification, click here: Certified Associate Constructor Recertification Form 

Contact AIC To Coordinate Certification Sessions

For administrator and university professionals looking to coordinate CAC or CPC certification sessions, please reach out directly to Brandon Pezzino at [email protected].

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