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Advancing the Individual Constructor Through Construction ExcellenceThe AIC Bylaws That Support High Standards in Construction

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The increasing complexity of construction demands a greater level of professionalism. The industry needs professionals who can accept the total project responsibility of controlling the quality, cost, and time of construction while considering the needs of the larger society. To establish a professional status for constructors, AIC has established bylaws that govern our process of certifying construction professionals.

By certifying individuals as qualified constructors, by helping these individuals achieve professional growth, and by developing ethical codes and high standards of performance, AIC generates public trust and confidence in construction.

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Any profession’s most vital resource is its people. By providing a professional society covering constructors from all phases of construction at various stages in their careers, AIC has become a positive force in the advancement of the construction profession. Our bylaws ensure that we remain committed to helping the individual constructor commit to a higher standard of construction ethics and professionalism for decades to follow.