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Our Level I Certification is Now Called Certified Associate Constructor (CAC)

For more than 50 years, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) has promoted individual professionalism and excellence in the construction industry. One of the keys to our longevity as an organization has been the ability to adapt to changes in the industry and help the individual constructor better prepare to enter and succeed in the workforce.

After careful consideration and discussions amongst AIC leadership, we made the decision to rename our Level I certification from Associate Constructor (AC) to Certified Associate Constructor (CAC).

The change takes effect in November 2022, which is when we are offering our latest round of certification exams for construction professionals.

Why Change from AC to CAC?

The decision to update the name of the AC certification was driven by the following factors:

  • Incorporate “certification” into the official name of the Level I certification and exam.
  • Provide construction professionals with a clear designation that they are certified in construction management fundamentals to improve their position in the job market.
  • Create better alignment with our Level II certification, Certified Professional Constructor (CPC).

CAC Supports Professionals Entering the Workforce

Our Level I exam is a rigorous test of a constructor’s foundational knowledge and skills. Updating from AC to CAC is a greater reflection of the credentials of a construction professional who is set to enter the industry. Here’s why this matters.

We offer the Level I exam to two groups of candidates. One group consists of students who have graduated or are on the verge of graduating from a Construction Management degree program from an accredited college or university. The other group is industry professionals who have obtained at least four years of qualifying experience in the industry, relevant education through a degree program, or a combination of the two.

We want to be sure that all constructors who pass the Level I examination and are awarded the CPC qualification receive an accurate designation of their standing in the job market. The CAC name clearly indicates that an individual:

  • Is certified in critical foundational aspects of construction management.
  • Can confidently show an employer that they have attained basic construction management core competencies.
  • Is ready to contribute meaningfully to the construction industry.

In today’s construction world where contractors are seeking qualified talent for their projects, we want to ensure that constructors who have passed our exam instantly stand out from the competition. To help individuals set themselves apart, we believe it’s important for “certified” to accompany a constructor’s name when applying for job opportunities.

CAC Harmonizes with CPC

Another key reason why we updated the name of our Level I certification was to create synergy with our Level II certification. We wanted to create a natural flow from one certification to the next as construction professionals grow in their knowledge, skills, and expertise in managing critical construction works.

  • Level I: Certified Associate Constructor (CAC)
  • Level II: Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)

As you can see, the word “certified” now links together both of our designations for the individual constructor. It creates a clear roadmap to advance from being certified in the fundamentals of construction management as a CAC to being certified in advanced construction management project work as a CPC.

When a constructor advances from Level I to Level II, this person will be clearly recognized in the industry as someone who excels at executing all or a substantial portion of construction works. The CPC exam bears this out by verifying the constructor’s acumen, commitment to ethics, and ability to meet the latest industry challenges and changes.

The name change simplifies the transition when a constructor completes the Level II exam. The change also helps an individual build on their previous designation as a Certified Associate Constructor and confidently step into the new title of a Certified Professional Constructor.

Prepare for Our Next Certification Window

We are confident that updating the name of our Level I certification will prepare constructors for greater success in the decades to follow.

As we look ahead to next year, we encourage you to stay informed about the next CAC and CPC exam window in Spring 2023. We will announce the dates of the exams in early 2023 to provide you with ample time to prepare.

To find out the exact exam dates, we encourage you to subscribe to the AIC email newsletter. You will receive valuable exam information directly to your inbox to find out how to sit for the appropriate exam for your level of education and experience.

To sign up for our email list, drop your name and email address in the sign-up box below. We look forward to supporting you on the journey to becoming certified in construction management.

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