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AIC membership dues increased in late 2022

Announcing a Price Increase for AIC Membership Dues

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) recently celebrated 50 years of accelerating constructor excellence. We are unwavering in our support of the individual constructor to ensure the longevity of the construction industry.

To continue delivering the best possible membership experience and resources to AIC members, we determined that it was time to slightly increase the annual price of AIC membership.

Raising the price was a difficult decision, as we want to ensure that every member is able to continue participating in our organization. However, this is our first price increase since 2014, and we have continued to invest in our membership program to ensure that you receive the most benefits from your involvement.

The Price Change for Current AIC Membership

Please carefully review the following price changes to your membership group.

  • Professional Member: new price of $275 (currently $250).
  • Young Professional Member: new price of $140 (currently $125).
  • Educator Member: new price of $165 (currently $150).
  • Fellow Member: new price of $330 (currently $300).
  • Lifetime Member: new price of $1,100 (currently $1,000).

Notably, we did not increase the price for Student Members. The price remains unchanged at $25 per year. This decision was made to aid college students who are trying to pay their college expenses and cover other expenses while pursuing their construction or construction-related degrees.

If you are in a group subject to a rate change, the new price will kick in when you renew your membership. All memberships expire at the end of the year on December 31st. If you have not already received a notification, you should sometime in November. Please contact us immediately if you do not receive notification this month.

We also encourage all members to utilize the AIC membership portal to manage your account. The self-service features will enable you to perform the following actions:

  • Receive your invoice and use the link to pay your annual membership dues.
  • Ensure that your account is set to the correct membership group.
  • Update your contact information, including your email address, so that you continue to receive correspondence about dues.

You can also our primary email address, [email protected], to your contact list in the email client you use. This action will ensure that emails from AIC land in your inbox and are not lost in your spam folder.

A Reminder of the Membership Benefits You Receive

We understand you may have questions about the price bump we are announcing today. To satisfy your concerns, we would like to share a helpful reminder about the value of AIC membership.

  • Ability to become certified as a Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) or Certified Professional Constructor (CPC).
  • Access to valuable tools and resources to improve performance in your professional role.
  • Opportunities to build your reputation as a skilled construction professional.
  • Inclusion in a network of like-minded peers who can help you find solutions to challenges in your role.
  • Career advancement by taking advantage of various professional development opportunities.
  • Discounted rates for educational programs and membership forums.
  • Subscriptions to highly-respected industry trade magazines and publications.
  • Leadership opportunities through AIC Committees and other programs.
  • Plus other great benefits as we continue to create additional value for AIC members.

The price change will help us invest greater resources in the membership program to provide an exceptional membership experience.

To continue receiving these great benefits, we encourage you to visit the AIC membership portal to take care of your dues for next year. You can also reach out to us with any specific questions about your membership status.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in AIC. Let’s continue to accelerate constructor excellence.

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