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Compilation of AIC digital credentials

Introducing AIC Digital Credentials with BadgeCert: Display Your Achievements Online

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is proud to announce the launch of our new digital credentials program through BadgeCert. Beginning in June 2024, we rolled out the digital badges for all active member classes and current certification holders.

As a leading professional association for the construction industry, AIC is committed to promoting high standards and professionalism within the field. By partnering with this innovative digital platform, we aim to further enhance the recognition and value of our members’ expertise and achievements in the industry.

Through BadgeCert, we are excited to offer an efficient and modern approach to credentialing that makes it easier for our members to showcase their qualifications and skills in today’s digital world.

Learn more about BadgeCert, the value of this platform for displaying your credentials online, and how to get started.

What is BadgeCert?

BadgeCert is an online platform for creating, issuing, storing, and sharing digital badges that verify your skills, credentials, and continuing education experiences. Its enhanced functionality ensures 100% real-time authentication for users, making it a proven credentialing platform for industry associations such as AIC.

We want to ensure that you are recognized for your accomplishments in a way that allows you to showcase your ongoing professional commitment fully. In today’s digital world, that means providing a way for you to share your verified credentials and experiences in a secure electronic format.

BadgeCerts are portable digital icons that verify your membership, certifications, professional accomplishments, credentials, contributions, and experiences. They are unique in that they are embedded with qualifying information – or metadata – that helps members maintain a digital record of their achievements and professional activities.

Benefits of Using BadgeCert

There are many reasons why we recommend that AIC members utilize the BadgeCert platform to set up their online credentials:

  • 100% verified: BadgeCert ensures the authenticity of credentials being delivered and shared.
  • Skills specific: You can capture and track the specific skills you have obtained throughout your career.
  • Always available: You have 24/7 online access to your credentials so that you can share them with project owners, employers, and other parties looking to review your credentials.
  • Globally recognized: Supporting an overseas project? The badges can be rendered in multiple languages.
  • Community-based: You gain access to a global community of millions of professionals making the most of their learning and development with BadgeCert.

How BadgeCert Works

You no longer have to keep track of paper certifications that have a tendency to get lost when moving from job to job or office to office. You can now store portable digital badges that verify your accomplishments, skills, credentials, contributions, and experiences.

When you sign up for BadgeCert, you will have full control over each badge assigned to you individually. You also control badge expiration rules and the micro-credential pathways toward skills mastery.

If you’re concerned about the security of your badges, BadgeCert uses advanced encryption to secure your records and record the digital badges on a blockchain to add another layer of verification and security.

AIC’s Role in Helping You Get Started

AIC is here to help you get set up. Through our partnership program with BadgeCert, we created unique digital credentials using official badge artwork that can be applied to your individual account. Using our configuration, you can:

  • Maintain a detailed digital record of your achievements and professional activities.
  • Have 24/7 access to a universal cloud-based portfolio of certification badges.
  • Share your digital credentials on social networks (e.g. LinkedIn), career sites, employer databases, your online resume, and email signatures.

For example, on LinkedIn, you can add your BadgeCert certification under the Licenses & Certifications section of your personal page. Simply fill in the requested details, select AIC as the issuing organization, upload the badge icon to display, and publish your new digital credential.

You can also add the digital certification to your professional email signature. Whether your company uses Outlook, Google Suite, or an internal email host, you can customize your email signature to include the badge icon.

Additionally, if you would like to enhance your resume or CV, the digital certification is a great addition to your professional accomplishments. Adding the badge instantly provides a visual representation of your skills and credentials as a professional constructor.

Digital Badges Offered by AIC

AIC is offering specific digital credentials that align with our membership offerings to the construction industry. Each credential has a unique, branded icon that can be accessed and shared digitally.

AIC DigitalCredentials Professional 1
  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Partner
  • Affiliate
  • CAC
  • CPC
  • Young Professional
  • Professional
  • Educator
  • Student
  • Fellow
  • Honorary
  • Life

If you did receive your membership offer and/or the certification badge you were expecting, we recommend taking the following actions:

  • Check the junk/spam folder in your inbox platform.
  • Please confirm with Brandon Pezzino at [email protected] that you are current with your membership dues, recertification affidavit, and related fee.

Once you receive an email from AIC with your BadgeCert credentials, look for an individual link to your badge and login information. Then, you can start building your BadgeCert portfolio.

You can also learn more about setting up and managing your account by accessing this information on the BadgeCert website.

We are eager to implement the BadgeCert program, as we believe this will be a valuable digital tool for members to differentiate themselves and showcase their expertise in the competitive construction industry.

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