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Geno Hogan Interview: What Makes AIC Certification Superior?

When it comes to establishing a benchmark of excellence and knowledge in the construction industry, the professional certifications from AIC (American Institute of Constructors) stand out as the superior choice for construction professionals.

We understand that you have choices for professional certification in the industry. However, we are confident that AIC certifications are ideal for constructors who are looking to advance on their career journey.

To further explain the value of AIC certifications, we sat down with Geno Hogan, CPC, our most recent president and current member of the Board of Directors. We invite you to watch the interview to learn how certifications translate to success in the real world of construction management.

Geno Hogan: AIC Certifications Are Unmatched in the Industry

Geno Hogan has been involved with AIC for decades since he was an undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University. In college, Geno passed our CAC Level I certification exam. After gaining experience in the industry, he went on to obtain the CPC Level II certification.

Geno is passionate about endorsing our robust certification exams because they cover a broad range of crucial Construction Management topics and issues that professionals face in the field. The rigorous, peer-reviewed certification exams assess whether an individual has the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for the management of construction work.

From project management to ethical considerations, the AIC exams certify that constructors have a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of critical issues they will face throughout their careers. The result is increased confidence for both the individual constructor and the companies that employ certified professionals.

“We provide that certification stamp. We are the pinnacle, premier, top project management certification in the world,” says Geno. “No one else does what we do in terms of a certification program that is specific to Construction Management like what we do at AIC with our Level I and Level II certification exams.”

Our long-standing reputation within the construction industry translates to increased recognition for our certifications. When a constructor applies for a job with the AIC certification on their resume, an employer immediately knows this person has professional credibility.

“There is an opportunity for companies to realize the value of AIC by having a third party assess their managers. There is also a value in letting someone else drill down on the specific topics our certification exams cover,” says Geno.

“We think companies benefit from having a certification from AIC Level I or Level II to validate their employees. And, for employees, they can use that certification not only as a validation of their skillsets but also a marketing tool.”

While individuals and construction companies can grow through AIC certifications, additional parties involved in project work can also benefit.

How AIC Certification Elevates the Construction Industry

Our core mission at AIC is to accelerate constructor excellence by raising the standard for construction projects. Certification validates the capabilities of each individual that makes up project teams, which supports the needs of three distinct groups:

  • Constructors benefit by holding themselves to a higher standard of construction work.
  • The AEC industry benefits by bringing construction to the level of architects and engineers.
  • Project owners benefit by gaining confidence in the quality of work being performed to support their capital projects.

“We’re the platinum standard, so it’s a matter of making the owners aware that we have this level of certification,” says Geno Hogan.

“Whether it’s the students who pass our Level I exam after they graduate or an experienced project manager who obtains the Level II certification, it’s an individual certification, but it benefits the company they work for and the industry as a whole. We see it as an opportunity to continue to raise the level of professionalism within our industry.”

One of the advantages of obtaining certification through AIC is that it’s a universal signal to stakeholders that an individual is capable of managing complex construction projects. Having the letters CAC or CPC after a person’s name captures their capability, experience, and ethical standing. This validation adds a layer of respect and trust that makes the AIC certification stand out in the industry.

“By having individuals pass the exam and carry that back to their company, it’s portable,” says Geno. “No matter where an individual goes, what company they go to, if they go into business for themselves, or if they move around in the construction industry, the credential is portable.”

At the end of the day, everyone involved in a construction project wins when a credentialed individual participates in a project. Choosing to be certified by AIC means an individual is amongst the best in the field and is fully equipped to handle the challenges associated with critical, complex, and difficult project work.

“We see the greatest benefit is really the employers and the people they work with,” says Geno. “They benefit from having that level of professionalism and having that type of individual who is striving to improve themselves and the people around them on the project.”

Learn More About AIC Certifications

As Geno Hogan highlighted in his interview, AIC certification is an opportunity to stand out amongst your peers and be recognized as a leader in the industry. By sitting for one of our certification exams, you’re making a conscious decision to invest in your future success.

We currently offer CAC and CPC exams during the fall and spring seasons. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the next testing dates during each exam window.

It’s time to elevate your career journey by pursuing the top professional certification in the industry.

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