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Call for Papers: Submit to the AIC Journal to Advance the Industry

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is committed to being at the forefront of accelerating constructor excellence. Our goal is to be a source of knowledge and innovation, connecting a community of academics, professionals, and pioneers in the construction field.

To continue our journey of excellence and industry leadership, we are calling for submissions from experts like you to contribute to the Professional Constructor, the annual AIC journal that covers critical topics in our industry.

We are calling for papers from individuals who are shaping the future of construction with their groundbreaking work and profound insights. Find out more about what we are seeking from construction professionals to contribute to the next edition of our journal.

How to Contribute to the AIC Journal

Submissions can be either peer-reviewed research papers or committee-reviewed special topic papers. Any paper considered needs to contribute to the advancement of the industry and the professional constructor.

Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

We invite you to submit peer-reviewed research papers that are original in composition and scope. Topics can range from historical practices to current trends and future potentials in the construction sector.

We are particularly interested in papers that delve into the following areas:

  • Educational aspects
  • Strategic planning
  • Efficient management techniques
  • Ethical issues
  • Global construction challenges
  • Overall business landscape of the construction industry

The essence of your research should add to the existing body of knowledge and spark new ideas and strategies in the construction realm. Sharing technical studies about key topics in construction is especially compelling for our audience.

Special Topic Papers

Beyond the traditional research papers, there’s an opportunity to contribute through special topic papers. These are ideally suited for academics and industry practitioners who wish to share innovative uses of technology, discuss unique projects, or delve into other compelling industry topics.

While these papers may not require the depth of research typically associated with peer-reviewed articles, their value in introducing fresh, pragmatic insights to our readers is unparalleled.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the Professional Constructor is a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, not for advertising. While company-related information that enhances the understanding or context of your topic is acceptable, submissions should steer clear of sales pitches.

Why Contribute to the AIC Journal?

Your participation in the Professional Constructor is an act of leadership. By sharing your findings and experiences, you are contributing to the knowledge of our industry and setting the tone for future innovations and best practices.

Topics such as sustainability, the impact of digitalization, and new construction methodologies are particularly welcome. These topics are powerful because they reflect current industry trends and forecast future shifts and opportunities.

Your paper will serve as a catalyst, inspiring others in the field to think differently, challenge the status quo, and drive progress. It’s about creating a ripple effect of knowledge and innovation that fosters a more dynamic, efficient, and forward-thinking industry.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Submitting an article to the AIC journal is your chance to shine as a thought leader and innovator. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your vision and expertise with a community that’s eager to learn and grow.

We eagerly await your submissions and are excited to see the powerful impact your work will have on the construction industry.

For questions about the Professional Constructor or to have a manuscript considered for publication, please contact [email protected] or reference our website for more information.

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