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Announcement: Fall 2022 Dates for AIC Exams

Registration is now open for the Fall 2022 AIC exams for both the AC (Associate Constructor) and CPC (Certified Professional Constructor) certifications.

Completing each of our exams should be part of your career pathway in construction management. The exams will help you advance as a construction professional, validate your commitment to construction ethics, and support others in your role in managing complex construction works. Consider which exam you should register for.

– The AC exam is geared toward students in an accredited Construction Management degree program who are looking to complete their graduation requirements. This exam is also available to professionals who desire to set themselves apart in the industry as someone who has a solid foundation of construction knowledge and skills.

– The CPC exam is for experienced construction professionals who are looking to confirm that they have the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to manage complex construction projects in order to advance in their careers.

Find out more about the fall exam dates and the importance of our online study courses.

Note: the AC Level I Certification is now the CAC Level I Certification, as of November 2022.

Dates for Fall 2022 AIC Exams

Take note of the following AC and CPC exam dates so that you can prepare to certify your commitment to construction excellence.

AC Level 1 Fall Registration

The AC Fall exam registration period will begin on September 16th and conclude on September 30th

For students: the AC Paper/Pencil exam is scheduled for November 5th. Your program administrator will communicate information to you about their specific exam policies. Take note that the paper/pencil exam is only available for students at colleges and universities.

For professionals: if you are approved to sit for the AC exam, you will have the option to register for the exam during the following testing window:

CPC Level II Fall Registration

We offer the CPC Level II exam for advanced construction professionals that have a sufficient amount of professional experience and meet the minimum requirements for managing the execution of construction work. Passing the exam will position you for a promotion as you advance in your career path.

There is a two-week registration and application period from September 16-30. We require that aspiring CPCs complete the registration and submit their application during this time frame so that we can review your credentials. If approved, you will have the opportunity to take the exam during the following period of time:

We also encourage you to complete a pre-exam course to ensure that you are prepared for exam day.

Complete the AC or CPC Pre-Exam Course

– If you are approved to take the AC exam, we recommend that you complete the AC Level 1 Online Study Course to help you prepare.

This self-paced, pre-exam course will walk you through the topics and questions that will be asked during the actual exam. You will be able to assess your current understanding of the material and identify gaps that need to be closed before taking the exam.

– If you are approved to take the CPC exam, we recommend that you complete the CPC Level 2 Online Study Course. This is also a self-paced, online course that will provide you with critical guidance before exam day.

You will learn whether you are equipped to apply recognized principles and use your professional work experience to solve constructor problems, evaluate information, and predict the outcome. The results of the study course will provide you with direction on where you need to grow and complete additional studies before taking the exam.

Have Questions About AIC Exams? Contact AIC

AIC exams are designed to separate true construction professionals from individuals that are not yet qualified to support construction excellence. By maintaining strict requirements, we ensure that only the best construction professionals receive certification.

If you believe that you qualify for the AC or CPC level exam, then we encourage you to start the application process today to secure your spot during the Fall 2022 exam window. (College students, you will receive instructions directly from the Construction Management program administrator or support staff.)

We only offer certification twice per year, so you would have to wait until the Spring 2023 exam window for the next opportunity to validate your construction skills and knowledge.

Need more information about AIC exams? Contact us today to learn more about the application process, exemptions, and other important information specific to your situation.

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