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Prepare to Advance Your Career in Construction ManagementRegister for the Associate Constructor (AC) Exam Online Study Course

AC Level 1

Whether you are taking the Associate Constructor (AC) exam as a student or a professional, it is important to prepare. The AC Study Course is a great way to learn more about the content of the exam, build your knowledge of the AC exam content areas, and grow confidence before exam day. The pricing is $25 for both non-AIC members and AIC members.

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The AC Exam Curriculum Areas

  1. Getting Started
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Engineering Concepts
  4. Management Concepts
  5. Materials, Methods, and Project Modeling and Visualization
  6. Bidding and Estimating
  7. Budgeting, Costs, and Cost Control
  8. Planning, Scheduling, and Schedule Control
  9. Construction Safety
  10. Construction Geomatics
  11. Project Administration
  12. Practice Exam

To help students prepare for the AC exam, AIC offers the AC Prep Course. As an additional resource, you can download this study guide.