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New construction workers preparing for their first job after learning how to get started in construction

Learn How to Get Started in Construction to Find Success

The construction industry is ripe with job opportunities for individuals looking to earn a steady income, support a family, and create a long-lasting career.

For evidence, take a look at the job outlook reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to their research, the construction job market is expected to grow by 7 percent through 2030. Each year, there will be approximately 167,800 new job openings.

Tens of thousands of jobs are available across the U.S. because experienced construction workers are steadily exiting the labor force and retiring. Now, younger workers have a great opportunity to enter the industry and find success.

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is committed to helping aspiring workers enter the labor force on the right foot. Let’s take a closer look at how to get started in construction.

Get Started in Construction Through Educational Opportunities

We believe in the power of education to set up a construction worker for success. That’s why we are proud to work with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), one of the country’s leading advocates for quality construction education.

ACCE promotes, supports, and accredits quality construction education programs. They primarily focus on accrediting post-secondary construction education programs offered by colleges and universities across the U.S. [View our compiled list.]

The organization also accredits skilled workforce training programs to help workers start in construction before reaching the collegiate level. Eventually, a worker could advance toward the role of a Construction Manager or another higher position in a company.

There is strong clarity around the career pathway in the construction industry. Consider this example that could apply to you:

  • A high school student works with ACCE to determine their career path.
  • The student determines what area of the construction industry they are interested in.
  • The student takes an accredited skilled workforce training program and starts working in the industry.
  • The training program could eventually be applied to an ACCE-accredited Associate’s Degree program in Construction Management.
  • The student develops valuable skills in the workforce and continues in their career.
  • The student returns to college to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from an ACCE-accredited institution.

Along the way, a student has the opportunity to become certified through the AIC Constructor Certification Program. Our organization validates that a construction professional has the skills, understanding, and knowledge that are required to manage complex construction projects. Obtaining certification through AIC will position you for upward mobility in your career:

  • AC Level I Certification: we offer the first level of certification to graduates of a 4-year Construction Management program. We partner with many colleges and universities to provide the certification exam as part of the graduation requirement.
  • CPC Level II Certification: the second level of certification is ideal for constructors who obtain several years of project oversight experience and want to take their career to the next level to pursue more advanced roles in the industry.
  • Continuing Education: we offer many opportunities for CPCs to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits through training programs, article submissions, Board membership, and more.

The combination of AIC certifications and ACCE-backed training and education will ensure longevity in the industry.

Note: the AC Level I Certification is now the CAC Level I Certification, as of November 2022.

Watch: Valuable Tips for How to Get Started in Construction

To get started on the construction career pathway, we invite you to watch the following video featuring Steve Nellis, CPC, the president of ACCE. In this interview, Mr. Nellis unpacks the training and education opportunities offered by ACCE and how they tie together with AIC certifications.

You will learn more about how our organizations work together to create a level playing field for aspiring construction workers to achieve their professional goals in the industry.

[ Embed Video – ]

“We can start with a high school student who is interested in the skilled trades and take it all the way through their professional career,” says Mr. Nellis.

When you put it all together, a student can enter the workforce through an accredited skilled trades program, obtain relevant industry experience, complete an ACCE-accredited collegiate program, pass the first level of AIC certification to graduate, gain additional experience in the industry, return to AIC to become certified at the second level, and continue on the path to the managerial/executive level.

Get Started Today in the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers many opportunities for individuals who are looking to build a career on a secure foundation. With a great job outlook and plenty of opportunities to receive educational support, construction is ideal for students entering the workforce.

– Review the list of accredited construction workforce programs offered by ACCE. Find a program near you that could help you get started in construction.

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We look forward to supporting you on your career path in construction. Learn more about how we are accelerating construction excellence by investing in the individual constructor.

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