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Prepare to Gain The Mark of a Construction Management LeaderRegister for the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) Exam Online Study Course

CPC Level 2

You must first apply for qualification for the CPC exam. The application process ensures that you meet the minimum requirements of the examination. You will complete an online application, submit a resume, and submit work experience forms.

Once you have completed your application you will be notified that you have been approved. You will then be given information to register and schedule your examination at our network of examination sites.

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Before the exam, you will want to take the CPC Exam prep course. It is important to prepare for the CPC Exam. Our Study Course is a great way to learn more about the content on the exam, build your knowledge of the CPC exam content areas, and build your confidence before exam day.

The online, self-paced study course covers all content areas of the exam that will give you the knowledge you will require to succeed on the CPC Level II exam. The course is available at a highly-discounted rate of $200 for AIC Members and $300 for Non-Members.

The CPC Exam Curriculum Areas

  1. Project Scope Development
  2. Employment Practices
  3. Working Relationships
  4. Construction Start-up and Support
  5. Construction Resource Management
  6. Construction Cost Control
  7. Project Closeout
  8. Construction Safety Management
  9. Ethics