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Graphic representing Women in Construction Week 2024

Women in Construction Week 2024: Tips for Building the Workforce

As we gear up for the 26th annual Women in Construction Week, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is eager to help foster new opportunities for women in the industry. We invite stakeholders from across the country to learn how they can take part in this week’s activities.

Held March 3-9, 2024, this year’s WIC Week revolves around the theme of “Keys to the Future.” AIC is ready to lend our support to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) to highlight the roles female members play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

Tips for Building a Stronger Future for Construction

Building a more inclusive workforce involves addressing specific challenges and highlighting opportunities for growth. By following some of the tips highlighted during WIC Week, companies can expand the field and create a more balanced work experience for every participant. 

Consider the following tips for how you can do your part to strengthen the industry.

1. Promote Gender Diversity

Actively encourage women to pursue careers in construction. Highlight the value of diverse perspectives and the unique contributions that women can bring to the industry.

2. Highlight Female Role Models

Showcase successful women in leadership roles within your company or the construction sector as a whole. Having visible female role models can inspire and provide a sense of possibility for aspiring women in the field.

3. Embrace Network and Mentorship Programs

Establish networking and mentorship programs specifically aimed at connecting female professionals in construction. This support system can provide guidance, share experiences, and help break down barriers.

4. Address Stereotypes

Challenge and dispel stereotypes associated with women in construction. Emphasize that the industry welcomes and values the skills, expertise, and dedication that women bring to the workforce. Also, sharpen your skills to prevent unethical practices in construction management where women are excluded from the decision-making process because of their gender.

5. Engage in Educational Outreach

Collaborate with educational institutions to promote construction as a viable career option for women. Encourage STEM education and offer scholarships or apprenticeship programs to support female students.

6. Create a Supportive Work Environment

Foster a workplace culture that actively supports and values the contributions of women. This effort can include addressing any instances of gender bias and promoting an inclusive and respectful atmosphere.

7. Encourage Community Engagement

Engage with local communities to raise awareness about opportunities for women in construction. Participate in events, workshops, and outreach programs to showcase the diverse career paths available in the industry.

8. Recommend Skill Development Initiatives

Provide targeted training programs and skill development opportunities specifically designed to attract and empower women in construction. This could include mentorship, leadership training, and technical skills workshops.

9. Provide Recognition for Achievements

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women in construction through awards and recognition programs. This step not only honors their contributions but also serves as inspiration for others considering a career in the field.

AIC Supports Women in Construction Week 2024

AIC supports an inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone’s contributions can make a difference. That’s why we’re proud to draw attention to Women in Construction Week 2024 and the National Association of Women in Construction. Moving forward toward a brighter future includes upholding and supporting every worker and their input.

Throughout this week, ample opportunities exist to lend your voice, learn from others, and workshop with fellow constructors. NAWIC is hosting virtual events and regional events throughout the U.S. that you can participate in.

Visit to access WIC Week Toolboxes, activities, and resources. Discover information on each day’s theme, educational information, highlighted events, and more.
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