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Group photo of the AIC College of Fellows including the new Class of 2024

Introducing the AIC College of Fellows Class of 2024

Each year, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) recognizes members of our organization who have distinguished themselves in the construction industry. We seek to recognize the best in our field who have excelled professionally and/or educationally throughout their careers.

Constructors who meet our specific criteria have the opportunity to be invited to a distinguished group known as the AIC College of Fellows. These individuals must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Maintain an AIC classification of Professional Member or a CPC for at least 10 years.
  • Possess a distinguished background of service to the construction community.
  • Be in good standing as an AIC member.
  • At least 40 years of age.
  • Commit to promoting the AIC mission.

Members who satisfy the requirements can receive the highest honor given by our organization. To be confirmed as an AIC Fellow, the individual must have recognition in the industry, be elected by a majority of current Fellows, and demonstrate consistent professional performance.

After thoroughly reviewing this year’s nominees, we proudly welcome an accomplished group of constructors and educators to this distinguished fraternity.

The 2024 AIC College of Fellows Class

This year, these individuals join a list of distinguished constructors who make up the AIC College of Fellows:

  • James “Geno” Hogan, CPC
  • Dr. Penny Knoll, CPC
  • Bob Stephens, CPC

Find out more about the individual accomplishments of our newest fellows.

Geno Hogan, FAIC-CPC

We are eager to welcome Geno Hogan, FAIC-CPC, to the College of Fellows after he recently served as AIC president. Geno was appointed to this crucial role from 2021-2023, helping guide our organization through a series of growth initiatives designed to grow the membership base and accelerate constructor excellence.

Geno continues to serve on the Board of Directors and perform his professional duties as a Senior Project Manager for Hedrick Brothers Construction and a Project Executive for The Estates at Acqualina in Florida. During his professional career, Geno has amassed considerable experience in the construction field by blending his acumen for construction management and the business side of ensuring financial success for each project.

Throughout his career, Geno has participated in construction education to provide training and education to the next generation of constructors. His involvement includes Graduate Assistant Teaching at Texas A&M University, Assistant Professor at Weber State University, Adjunct Professor at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and Florida International University (FIU), and Graduate Assistant at EMU.

Geno has taught courses that include Construction Equipment, Planning and Scheduling, Project Management, Applied Structures, Cost Estimating, Construction Management, Codes and Permitting, and more subjects. Additionally, his educational credentials include Graduate Student Representative, Student Advisor, Program Coordinator, Search Committee Member, Committee Chair, and Board Member.

We appreciate Geno’s commitment to the professional and educational advancement of the industry and welcome him to the AIC College of Fellows.

Dr. Penny Knoll, MS, CPC

Dr. Penny Knoll, MS, CPC, has been at the forefront of elevating construction to the level of AEC peers in architecture and engineering. Dr. Knoll currently serves as an Associate Professor, Construction Engineering Technology Program Coordinator, and Internship Director at Montana State University (MSU), where she teaches Construction Management and Project Leadership.

We recently highlighted Dr. Knoll in an AIC member highlight that focused on her commitment to providing constructors with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to manage complex construction projects.

Dr. Knoll has been a prominent figure in the construction industry since the 1980s, making significant contributions through her industry experience and academic roles. She co-owned a design/build company early in her career, transitioned to academia at Montana State University, and now leads the Construction Engineering Technology Program.

Dr. Knoll’s commitment to elevating the construction profession is evident in her role as Vice Chair of the Constructor Certification Commission (CCC). Her unique blend of practical industry knowledge and academic leadership underscores her dedication to shaping future construction managers and leaders.

Bob Stephens, CPC

Bob Stephens stands out as a highly committed and respected professional in the construction field. He currently serves as a Project Executive at Largo Concrete in Southern California, highlighting his leadership role in a significant organization in the industry.

Bob’s longevity with AIC dates back to 1996. He has been an active participant in the Constructor Certification Commission as an Exam Committee Member, ensuring the integrity of our construction certification exams.

His involvement with the American Concrete Institute (ACI)’s Southern California Chapter further underscores his dedication to the field. This position within the ACI SoCal Chapter reflects his active engagement with the professional community, contributing to the advancement and sharing of knowledge in concrete construction.

Bob was recently elected to the Board of Directors for ACI SoCal. This role requires a commitment to the development and implementation of the chapter’s goals. His selection indicates his peers’ confidence in his abilities to contribute to their organizational objectives.

Bob’s professional role and industry-wide involvement highlight his expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to advancing the field. His professional achievements and community involvement illustrate that he is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and respected figure in his field.

Know a Current AIC Member Who Should Be an AIC Fellow?

The College of Fellows is a community of highly accomplished AIC members. These individuals have separated themselves in the industry, making them worthy of recognition as an AIC Fellow.

Each year, we receive nominations for the AIC College of Fellows. To be considered, nominees must be endorsed by at least two high-ranking AIC members. The individuals who are nominated must then receive a majority vote to be approved for the College of Fellows.
Check back at the end of 2024 to find out how to nominate a deserving AIC member for this recognition. You can also access the directory of the current AIC College of Fellows to connect with the most accomplished constructors in our organization.

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