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Accelerating Constructor Excellence

Architects. Engineers. Constructors.

These three professions are needed to design and build high-end, sustainable projects.

Architects and Engineers have well-recognized professional qualifications.

It’s time for Constructors.

For 50 years, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) has accelerated constructor excellence through rigorous certification programs.

That answer is here, and it’s time you learned about them!

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What We Offer


  • CAC (Level I) Certification (formerly AC) for aspiring construction professionals.
  • CPC (Level II) Certification for experienced professionals seeking management roles.
  • Recertification to maintain certification through continuing professional development.
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  • Receive industry-recognized seal of approval for commitment to ethics.
  • Integrate exams into company-wide career advancement program.
  • Access resources to support development of construction professionals.


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  • Find construction companies and contractors whose talent is certified by AIC.
  • Participate in the advancement of the AEC industry.
  • Expedite permitting and approval process.

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David Rowe, Durotech, CEO/Co-Founder

“AIC exams are good for the employee. It brings credibility to them as a worker in construction. Also, owners have additional assurance that these individuals have the expertise to manage their projects. Upper management can also view a snapshot of their employees to see where they stand in their overall knowledge in construction management.”

David Rowe Durotechs

Who We Serve


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  • Committed to construction ethics.
  • Ensure fair labor practices.
  • Serve as owner advocate for construction project delivery.

Construction Professionals

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  • Validate your professionalism.
  • Earn the industry-recognized mark of excellence.
  • Achieve career advancement.

Construction Companies / Teams

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  • Demonstrate your team’s professionalism.
  • Support commitment to ethics.
  • Access higher level of talent.

Colleges & Universities

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  • Bolster construction management program.
  • Measure understanding of course material.
  • Ensure graduates are prepared for industry.

AEC Industry

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  • Alignment with architects and engineers.
  • Assurance of project quality.
  • Reduction of risk in permitting and approval process.

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