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A contractor/construction worker filling out paperwork after receiving certification in construction

Why Contractors Should Consider Certification in Construction

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) believes that construction companies, contractors, and subcontractors should all strive for excellence. It’s what owners are looking for. It’s what architects and engineers are asked to strive for. It’s how constructors can best serve the public interest.

Accepting mediocrity or settling for a minimum standard in project delivery is not how constructors can best serve stakeholders and work well with AEC brethren. Fortunately, there is a clear opportunity to close gaps and elevate the quality of project work.

Contractors can achieve excellence through certification in construction. By certifying your people, you can provide evidence to stakeholders that you have the capabilities to deliver construction projects with excellency. Let’s review the value of certification.

How Can Contractors Benefit From Certification in Construction?

Contractors benefit from certification by having a third party such as AIC assess and certify the capabilities of their construction managers. There is tremendous value in allowing another entity to drill down into specific construction areas that managers deal with on a daily basis.

Our certification exams cover real-world situations to determine whether your managers have a solid foundation of construction knowledge and skills to manage complex projects. The exams will also reveal knowledge gaps or areas of deficiencies that you can address with your managers through additional training or coaching.

  • AC Level I Certification: ideal for an industry professional who has 4 years of qualifying industry experience or education. This person should be ready to prove that they have a core competency in construction to contribute meaningfully to the industry.
  • CPC Level II Certification: ideal for an experienced construction manager who possesses specific skills and knowledge acquired by education and experience. This person should be ready to prove their capabilities to manage the execution of all or a substantial portion of construction works.

In the absence of certification, contractors are simply hoping that their managers understand what they are doing. And, you lack bonafide proof to tell the outside world that you can get the job done.

However, certifying your managers will validate their skillset, create confidence, and increase your company’s marketability to owners and AEC stakeholders who are looking for reliable partners.

Note: the AC Level I Certification is now the CAC Level I Certification, as of November 2022.

The AIC “Stamp of Approval” Goes a Long Way in Construction

Think of certification as a stamp of approval. Owners and stakeholders want to see proof that your managers have obtained a certain level of expertise, knowledge, and skills to manage projects. Certification from AIC is the evidence you need.

AIC is the pinnacle of certification for construction management. For more than 50 years, we have sought to raise the level of professionalism in the industry through certification, training, and a commitment to ethics in construction.

When a construction manager passes our exams, it sends a message to the market that this person is committed to excellence in construction. When a contractor can boast multiple construction managers with an AIC certification, then it sends an even stronger message about your company’s overall commitment to excellence.

Watch This Video: Why AIC Certification is Unmatched

To learn more about why certification through AIC is unmatched in the industry, we invite you to watch the following video testimonial from Geno Hogan, CPC, the current president of AIC.

In the video, Mr. Hogan discusses the value of certification in construction and how contractors can benefit from certifying their managers.

Encourage Your Managers to Register for AIC Certification

A certification through AIC is the mark of construction excellence. Send a message to owners, stakeholders, and the public that you are committed to high-quality projects. Certification comes with the following benefits:

  • Proof of each manager’s skills and knowledge through our independent assessment.
  • Assurance that each manager is committed to continuing to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their career.
  • Validation that your company takes construction project delivery seriously.

Ensure that each construction manager is certified. Find out when your managers can register for the AC Level I or CPC Level II exam. We only offer these exams twice per year, so encourage your managers to take advantage of our exam windows.

– Find out how your managers can register for AC Level I or apply for CPC Level II. Together, let’s accelerate construction excellence.

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