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Advance Your Higher Education Construction Program Through AIC

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) works with colleges and universities across the U.S. to ensure that students in construction management degree programs have a solid foundation of construction knowledge and skills.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with future construction leaders at the ground floor level. We aim to instill a sense of ethics and professionalism in each student because these traits will go with a constructor throughout his or her career.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our relationship with current university partners and build new relationships with institutions that offer higher education construction programs. Find out how you can benefit from working with AIC.

Higher Education Construction Programs: Why Partner With AIC?

We offer our AC Level I certification to students in accredited construction degree programs. Many colleges and universities utilize our exam as a graduation requirement to officially complete their education.

The exam ensures that graduates are ready to contribute to the construction industry, are committed to ethical dealings in construction, and will continue to grow in their knowledge of key issues in the industry well beyond their time on campus.

The AC exam addresses all major subject areas covered in a degree program to help gauge each student’s level of understanding. By integrating AIC into your program, students will receive validation that they are ready to launch out on their career path.

Not only will your students benefit from this exam, but your college or university will benefit in the following ways:

  • Grow your reputation amongst industry partners.
  • Ensure the success of students who will eventually give back to your program.
  • Build a stronger talent pipeline to the industry.
  • Increase the marketability of your program to prospective students.
  • Become a program of choice on your college campus.

Note: the AC Level I Certification is now the CAC Level I Certification, as of November 2022.

Hear From Higher Education Construction Leaders

We are proud to have a strong roster of educational leaders in our organization. These construction professionals and professors are highly respected amongst their peers and have facilitated instruction to numerous students.

As part of a recent video testimonial series, we sat down with the following professionals to discuss the value of AIC in higher education:

  • Dr. Lana Coble, CPC (University of Houston)
  • Dr. Lingguang Song, CPC (University of Houston)
  • Dr. Charles Berryman, CPC (LSU)
  • Dr. Ed Brayton, CPC (Louisiana Monroe University)
  • Dennis Bausman, CPC (Clemson University)

Dr. Lana Coble: Value of AIC to Construction Students

Dr. Lana Coble, CPC, is a Project Executive for Tellepsen and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston. In this testimonial video, Dr. Coble explains why she promotes AIC certification to her construction students.

Dr. Lingguang Song: Case Study at University of Houston

Dr. Lingguang Song, CPC, is the Department Chair Professor in Construction Management at the University of Houston (UH). In this testimonial video, Dr. Song shares a success story of how AIC and UH have collaboratively advanced the professionalism of their students by integrating the AC exam into their Construction Management degree program.

Dr. Charles Berryman: How AIC Fills a Gap in Education

Charles “Chuck” Berryman, CPC, is a construction professor and the Construction Management Department Chair at Louisiana State University (LSU). In this testimonial video, Dr. Berryman explains why LSU integrated our AC exam into their Construction Management degree program. Dr. Berryman also explains how AIC fills a gap in certifying construction professionals entering the industry.

Dr. Ed Brayton: AIC Exams Are the Pinnacle of Certification

Ed Brayton, CPC, is a professor of Construction Management at Louisiana Monroe University (ULM). In this testimonial video, Dr. Brayton explains why he is passionate about ensuring the excellence of AIC exams to test constructors. He also captures why colleges and universities stand to benefit from certifying their Construction Management degree programs.

Dennis Bausman: Confident to Enter the Workforce

Dennis Bausman, CPC, is a construction professor and endowed faculty chair at Clemson University. In this testimonial video, Mr. Bausman captures the benefits of the AC exam to prepare students to enter the construction industry with a strong sense of confidence.

Partner With AIC to Advance Your Construction Degree Program

Our organization is deeply committed to working with college and university administrators across the country. We believe that higher education construction degree programs are powerful tools to strengthen the future of the industry.

If you are responsible for overseeing, managing, or facilitating an accredited construction management degree program, then we want to talk to you. We would appreciate the opportunity to integrate our AC Level I exam into your program and/or expand our current relationship with your institution.

Together, we can accelerate constructor excellence by investing in future leaders. Contact us today to discuss the opportunity to become a university partner. We look forward to hearing from you.

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