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Murray Papendorf, MBA, CPC-FAIC is the current AIC Treasurer

Murray Papendorf Interview: Certification in the Business World

The field of construction intersects with many different types of companies to build, renovate, or improve commercial structures. Whether it’s an office park for industrial companies, a corporate office for a Fortune 500 company, or a new retail location for a small business, the business world relies on constructors to support their business objectives.

Because of this relationship, it’s important for business leaders to have confidence in the quality of construction being performed. Certification through AIC ensures that constructors have verifiable skills, knowledge, and experience to support critical construction projects.

We recently sat down with AIC Board Member, Murray Papendorf, MBA, CPC-FAIC, and the current AIC Treasurer, to discuss the value of certification in the business world to support client projects.

Why AIC Certification Matters to Business Clients

Murray Papendorf has tremendous industry experience supporting high-value construction projects for companies. Being certified through AIC has helped him stand out as a leader capable of overseeing complicated construction projects.

“I really saw the need to distinguish myself as an individual practitioner and as a professional and to be certified by a body other than an educational institution so I could distinguish myself from peers,” says Murray.

As a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC), Murray has proven his value to businesses that need capable construction leaders to manage each critical aspect of construction projects to keep projects on track and within budget.

“The benefit of the CPC is it is really targeted to practicing professionals who manage self-performed trades,” says Murray. “It’s not only the broad idea of Construction Management, but also how to manage labor and the components of construction.”

Taking the Next Step Through AIC Organizational Involvement

In addition to being certified through AIC, Murray has realized tremendous benefits from his involvement in the organization to grow his capabilities and expand his knowledge base to best serve his clients.

“The thing I have always enjoyed about being involved with AIC and being a CPC is the opportunity to meet people from across the country who are practitioners in a wide variety of different settings,” says Murray.

The interactions, discussions, and knowledge transfer from other constructors have proven to be invaluable for Murray to help him find solutions to challenges in his line of work managing complex projects for businesses.

“This is an organization that really draws in people from different sizes of companies, different types of companies, different types of work – from the largest companies in the world to the smallest companies from across the entire United States,” says Murray.

Why Constructors Should Get Involved in AIC At the Outset

Now that Murray has accumulated years of experience supporting construction projects, he can look back on the beginning of his journey to see the value in being certified and becoming involved in AIC at the outset of a career in construction.

Murray recommends that incoming construction managers take the initiative of completing the Certified Associate Constructor (CAC) Level I exam to validate their understanding of construction concepts and to prepare to manage construction projects. Then, as constructors gain more experience, they will be equipped to pass the CPC Level II certification.

“The exam is really developed by industry, so it sets the benchmark for practitioners in the field,” says Murray. “Particularly if you are going to manage self-performed work, it’s key.”

In addition to becoming certified, Murray says becoming involved in AIC can help young professionals gain critical skills and knowledge that will support them throughout their careers.

“I would encourage them to be involved in the organization because it’s an opportunity to find a mentor outside of your own company and also to get acquainted with other industries, practices, and areas,” says Murray. “It’s been a great organization that way for me.”

Whether you end up working for a contractor or being employed by businesses that require Construction Management support, it’s clear that AIC certification and support will help you receive more opportunities for the type of work you desire.

Murray Papendorf Interview: Get Involved in AIC Today

The combination of becoming certified, participating in AIC, and accessing industry resources can help constructors at each stage of their careers. We appreciate the insights from Murray Papendorf on how AIC has been a strong companion throughout his journey.

We encourage aspiring construction managers and seasoned constructors to learn more about how you can benefit from everything AIC has to offer. There are countless opportunities for constructors to advance in their careers simply by taking the next step.

– Find out more about our CAC Level I and CPC Level II certification process.

– Learn how to become an AIC member to instantly connect with professionals in your field.

– Consider becoming involved on the AIC Board of Directors to support the growth of the construction industry.

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