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Graphic for Construction Inclusion Week 2023

Construction Inclusion Week 2023: 5 Ways to Engage Your Workforce

Construction Inclusion Week 2023 is here. As we think about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the construction workplace, it’s important to make sure employees are engaged around how to better their work environment.

But how do you successfully engage your workforce around this key topic of inclusion? AIC has crafted five key ways that you can support your construction teams.

How Can Better Engagement Help?

Effectively engaging with your workforce is paramount for a variety of reasons.

– Successful engagement fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, motivating employees to take ownership of project success.

–  Engagement enhances communication, which leads to a reduction in errors. Engaged workers are also more likely to share innovative ideas, leading to process improvements.

– A supportive work environment reduces turnover and ensures the retention of skilled workers. 

Here are five specific ways you can create a more engaged workforce.

1. Ensure Commitment and Accountability

It’s difficult for workers to feel part of an inclusive team when they are unsure whether your company is truly committed to inclusion. As a leader, it’s your job to promote a sense of belonging and hold your teams accountable for how they treat one another on the job site.

Setting clear objectives for inclusion creates clarity around how your company will track progress. Then, you will be on the right path to creating a supportive environment.

2. Communicate to Ensure Belonging

An important skill for leaders in the construction industry to develop is learning how to communicate in a manner that creates a sense of belonging.

The hallmark of a true professional is that they bring individuals and teams together to ensure that everyone belongs to the project. It’s about instilling a sense of ownership in how the work is carried out.

Also, effective communication is not limited to face-to-face conversations. Successfully leveraging digital communication tools like email or messaging and collaboration apps can create a more inclusive environment to bring the team together.

3. Review Third Party Involvement

While not every construction manager is involved in the supplier selection process, it’s important to know your company’s policies and procedures for selecting third parties to work with.

Companies should practice supplier diversity to ensure that everyone who is capable of supporting your project has a fair opportunity to participate in the procurement process. If you see something that could be improved, it’s important to speak up.

Then, when working with suppliers on the job site, you should strive for two-way communication where suppliers can express concerns, share new ideas, or ask questions. This effort will, in turn, increase trust and transparency, which leads to better results.

4. Improve Safety and Workplace Culture

Proving to employees that your company is committed to safety ethics will help create the ideal workplace culture.

To achieve this goal, it’s important to establish guidelines for each worker and make sure that everyone is adequately trained on new equipment and procedures. Creating a safety committee made up of individuals from different departments will foster a positive workplace culture that holds everyone accountable.

Most importantly, setting up regular inspections on job sites helps establish a more rigorous vetting process and can help prevent accidents before they happen. Be proactive about creating the type of culture that looks out for the interests of everyone involved in a project.

5. Support Community Engagement

As a leader in the construction industry, it’s your job to look out for what happens beyond the construction site. Adhering to construction safety standards and effectively communicating with the general public will ensure a smooth project that protects the interests of the community.

Construction Inclusion Week 2023: Get Involved

We believe it’s important to learn more about issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in the construction industry and how you can do your part to create a stronger workforce.

Interested in learning more about how you can engage your workforce, build awareness, and participate in Construction Inclusion Week? Check out these available resources.

AIC is proud to participate in Construction Inclusion Week by advocating for more thoughtful engagement in the industry. We invite you to contribute your thoughts on how to create more inclusive construction projects. Contact us today to let us know your perspective.

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