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Bradley Monson serves on the AIC Board and has a long history of supporting the AIC organization as Membership Chair

Bradley Monson Interview: How AIC Adds Value to Construction Projects

Bradley Monson is a Senior Project Manager for Swinerton, a commercial construction company that provides services to clients in various industries across the U.S.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Bradley has developed tremendous skills and expertise in Construction Management and Project Management to ensure that projects are delivered with integrity, efficiency, and professionalism.

Bradley has also been an active participant in helping grow the construction industry through sustained involvement with AIC. For 17+ years, Bradley has served our organization in critical roles:

  • Serving as Membership Chair for more than 12 years.
  • Took on the role of Vice President as well as serving the Institute as Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Currently serves on the Board of Directors.

We recently sat down with Bradley for an interview to discuss his longevity in the industry and with AIC. We encourage you to watch the interview to learn from his perspective on how AIC adds value to construction project delivery.

How AIC Helps Elevate Construction Integrity

Construction projects are the culmination of countless hours of planning and preparation with multiple stakeholders. As part of the AEC industry with architects and engineers, it is imperative that constructors do their part to execute construction plans that support the needs of owners.

Unfortunately, contractors typically receive the blame if something goes wrong in executing a project. Bradley Monson says the best way to counteract a negative view of the industry is to ensure that individual constructors are certified and that companies buy into the ethical standards promoted by AIC.

“AIC helps with that professional image and the professionalism that each person with certifications brings to a project. The owner ends up with a better product, and the owner has a better vision of the construction industry,” says Bradley.

“Each project that an AIC member completes and adheres to all the standards that AIC sets forward moves the industry needle forward. We’re solving the problems early and we’re coming out with projects that are more successful than the rest of the industry.”

An Ethical Example of How AIC Adds Value to Construction

In our interview, Bradley shared a story of how his company followed the ethical standards promoted by AIC that resulted in a long-term benefit that far outweighed any short-term gain from acting unethically.

There was a situation where a project ended up requiring fewer materials than were included in the bid package. Some companies would have pocketed the profits, but Bradley followed the AIC Code of Ethics by taking an ethical approach of providing the owner with a credit.

“The ethical part of the industry and what’s driven through the foundation of AIC is that you are forthright with information to the owner,” says Bradley. “At that point in my career, it drove me to the right path to deliver that message to the owner and give them the credit back. Whereas, a lot of companies may not have done that if owners did not ask for that credit back.”

The result of Bradley acting in an ethical manner helped strengthen the relationship with the owner, resulting in more business opportunities down the line.

“It was the ethics of bringing that back to the owner, and then the owner was able to go back to their leadership, acknowledge that, and, ultimately, our company received more money in change order form because the owner trusted us,” says Bradley. “It was important to see value in that ethical principle. Throughout my career, I’ve held that ethics in construction is a critical component of day-to-day business.”

Learning from the Experiences of Bradley Monson

We appreciate Bradley Monson sharing his perspective on how AIC has positively impacted his role in managing construction projects throughout his career.

We are committed to helping constructors worldwide realize the value of embedding AIC into how they execute projects. By acting with integrity, each constructor has the ability to safely complete construction projects in a manner that supports their company, project owners, the overall industry, the public well-being, and themselves. Bradley’s story is a great example.

“It’s always been a distinguishing factor for my career,” says Bradley. “Having that certification behind my name or on my resume has always started conversations. I’ve been able to expand on how it’s benefited me and ethics in construction, plus how it’s molded my career.”

Whether you are new to the construction industry or have been employed for decades, we encourage you to participate in AIC. Find out how AIC adds value to the construction projects you are responsible for managing.

Learn how you can become certified through our CAC Level I exam or CPC Level II exam.

Learn how to become an AIC member to tap into a wealth of knowledge provided by our network of construction professionals.

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