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Announcing the 2023 AIC Board Members and Commission Changes

As we begin our 53rd year as an organization, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is continuing to accelerate construction excellence thanks to our outstanding leaders.

The AIC Board of Directors and the Constructor Certification Commission (CCC) Board of Governors are led by high-quality industry professionals that guide decision-making in our organization. These individuals are committed to supporting the growth of AIC and upholding the highest standards for professional construction certification.

We are proud to announce the latest AIC Board Members and the results of the 2023 CCC Board of Governors election.

Our 2023 AIC Board Members & Senior Leaders

The following Board member changes are effective January 1, 2023.

– We are proud to introduce Gregg Bradshaw, construction manager for Joe D. Hall General Contractors, as our new Vice President. Gregg is beginning a one-year term that is set to last through December 31, 2023. His appointment is modified from our typical two-year terms for VPs because he will be assuming the President position on January 1, 2024. Nominations for the next VP will open during Summer 2023, and AIC will then return to two-year terms.

We would like to thank Dr. Lana Coble for serving as our previous Vice President. She played a critical role in supporting the growth of our organization during her time as a senior leader. She will remain on the Board in 2023.

– AIC is welcoming Dr. Bob Ryan, PE Senior Estimator for Stantec, as a new Director on the Board for 2023.

We would like to thank Wayne O’Neill, Ryan Manuel, and Dr. Ed Brayton for their service. They are rolling off the Board effective at the start of 2023.

– Our new senior leadership on the Board includes the following distinguished individuals:

  • Geno Hogan, CPC (President): Project Executive – Flower and Company
  • Gregg Bradshaw, CPC-FAIC (VP): Construction Manager – Joe D. Hall General Contractors, LLC
  • Murray Papendorf, MBA, CPC (Treasurer): Manager – Amazon
  • Ted Chamberlain, CPC, DBIA (Secretary): Project Director – Sundt

– You can view the full list of nationally appointed / elected directors on the Board by visiting this website page.

2023 Constructor Certification Commission Board of Governors Election

AIC is also pleased to announce the results of our 2023 Constructor Certification Commission Board of Governors Election. The following member has been elected by the AIC CPC Certification membership to serve on the CCC Board of Governors:

This will be Penny’s second term serving as a member of the CCC Board of Governors. She will serve another 4-year term on the Board beginning in January 2023 and ending in December 2026.

We thank all of you who voted this year!

We are also making a change to the Commission. Moving forward, all individuals elected to the CCC Board of Governors will serve 4-year terms. The same term applies to the Commission’s Board of Advisors. Both of these Boards include a limit of two terms per individual (or 8 years total).

Get Involved with AIC to Lead the Construction Industry

We offer multiple opportunities to support the advancement of the construction industry. We are constantly seeking new leaders to provide their perspectives and support the integrity of our organization.

– The Board of Directors has full authority to develop policies and procedures to manage the affairs of the organization. Directors should be strategic, forward-thinking leaders who strongly desire to advance AIC into the future. You can make a difference in the industry by nominating yourself or another individual for the Board. Download the AIC Board Members Nomination form.

– The Constructor Certification Commission (CCC) consists of a Board of Governors, a Board of Advisors, and Committee members. Representatives from the industry and academia join together to make critical decisions about AIC exams, strategize ways to support the individual constructor, and support organizational decision-making. Find out how to join.

Would you like to know more about the available opportunities to become part of AIC leadership? Contact us today to discuss your potential involvement.

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