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Construction professional taking AIC exam seeking certification in the construction industry

Announcement: Spring 2022 AIC Exam Dates for AC and CPC Certification

Construction professionals have a new opportunity to test whether they have the appropriate skills, experience, and knowledge to support the construction industry.

Registration is now open for the Spring 2022 exam window for both the AC (Associate Constructor) and CPC (Certified Professional Constructor) exams. Learn more about the upcoming AIC exam dates and whether you meet the qualifications for each exam.

Our AIC Exam Window for Spring 2022

Take note of the exam dates so that you can prepare to certify your commitment to construction excellence.

  • AC Paper/Pencil Exam Date: April 9, 2022
  • AC University Computer-Based Exam Dates: April 9-28, 2022
  • CPC Exam Dates: April 8-23, 2022

– We offer the AC Level I exam for professionals that have a solid foundation of construction knowledge and skills. This exam is also designed for students preparing to graduate from a Construction Management degree program at an accredited college or university.

– We offer the CPC Level II exam for advanced construction professionals that have a sufficient amount of professional experience and meet the minimum requirements for managing the execution of construction work.

Learn more about the requirements and qualifications for each of our robust exams.

Who Should Register for the AC Exam?

The AC Level I exam is designed for aspiring construction professionals that desire to set themselves apart in the industry. You should be confident in the construction knowledge and skills that you have accumulated through work experience and/or education.

By taking and passing the exam, you will be able to show employers that you have a core competency in construction and that you are ready to contribute meaningfully to the construction industry.

The certification process is voluntary. It is designed to recognize the education and experience of an individual who meets our criteria and standards to sit for the exam. To become certified, you must complete the following process:

– Before taking the exam, we recommend that you take the AC Level 1 Online Study Course to help you prepare. This self-paced, pre-exam class will provide you with the tools that you need to be successful on Exam Day.

– After passing the exam, you will be required to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics, which ensures that you understand the importance of professionalism and ethics in the construction industry, and agree to the AIC Certificant Agreement. Then, you will be officially recognized as an Associate Constructor (AC).

Who Should Apply for the CPC Exam?

The CPC Level 2 exam is a very rigorous exam that is designed for established construction managers that are capable of managing the execution of all or a substantial portion of construction works. It requires a greater depth of knowledge than what is required in the AC Level I exam.

You should apply for the exam if you have passed the AC Level 1 exam (or are exempt), have at least 4 years of acceptable professional experience beyond what is required to sit for Level 1, and possess a minimum experience of 2 years managing the execution of construction work.

The Level 2 exam is designed to test your ability to apply recognized construction principles and use your professional work experience to solve constructor problems, evaluate information, and predict the outcome. To become certified, you must complete the following process:

– If you are approved to sit for the exam, we recommend that you take the CPC Level 2 Online Study Course before taking the exam. This self-paced, pre-exam class will provide you with critical guidance to prepare for Exam Day.

– Construction professionals that pass the CPC exam will be required to adhere to the AIC Code of Ethics. Our code defines a constructor as an individual who is committed to serving the construction industry in a professional and ethical manner. If you satisfy this aspect, then you will be granted the designation of a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC).

– After earning CPC certification, you will also be required to engage in continuing education to ensure that you can continue to meet challenges found in the construction industry. This will also help you maintain your commitment to ethics and construction excellence.

Have Questions About AIC Exams? Contact Us Today!

AIC exams are designed to separate true construction professionals from individuals that are not yet qualified to support construction excellence. By maintaining strict requirements, we ensure that only the best construction professionals receive certification.

If you believe that you qualify for the AC or CPC level exam, then we encourage you to start the application process today to ensure that you have a spot during the Spring 2022 exam window. We only offer the exams twice per year, so you would have to wait until the Fall 2022 exam window for the next opportunity to test your construction skills and knowledge.

Have questions about AIC exams? Contact us today to find out more about the exams, the application process, exemptions, and other important information specific to your situation.

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