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Andrew J. Lyons is an AIC Board Member and Associate Director for Fulcrum

Andrew J. Lyons Spotlight: How Certification Can Accelerate Your Career Path

Andrew J. Lyons, CAC, is an experienced construction risk management professional for Fulcrum, a leading real estate and construction firm. Andrew has served on the AIC Board of Directors since January 2020 and participated in committees such as Inter-Industry Relations.

Andrew has contributed to the growth of our organization by offering a valuable perspective on the construction industry. He is able to bring fresh ideas to the table sourced from his extensive experience in the business, accounting, and finance world before formally entering construction.

After diving into the construction industry, Andrew used a combination of his educational background and qualifying career experience to become certified at the level of an Associate Constructor (now Certified Associate Constructor). As a CAC, Andrew has experienced tremendous professional growth on his career path.

Success Story: Translating Business Experience into Construction Certification

Prior to entering the construction industry, Andrew Lyons gained business experience in roles such as Senior Internal Auditor, Business Process Analyst, Audit Manager, and Senior Loan Analyst.

Andrew was then introduced to the world of construction as a construction analyst. Working for 

Textron Financial, Andrew was on the lending side as a construction administrator assisting with the performance of due diligence and closing of construction loans.

In early 2012, Andrew moved to Fulcrum, where management encouraged him to obtain professional certification in the construction industry. Andrew was motivated by the fact that several senior staff members had achieved the highest level of AIC certification as Level II Certified Professional Constructors (CPCs).

Andrew started his professional certification journey by applying for our Level I exam. He leveraged his extensive college education and real-world construction experience to pass the exam and become certified.

Andrew’s experience captures the opportunity for professionals to increase their value to the construction industry even if they don’t start in the industry. We allow professionals with four years of Qualifying Experience, Qualifying Education, or a combination of the two criteria to sit for the Level I exam.

Because of the theoretical nature of the CAC exam, the test questions are suitable for individuals with a strong educational background. Andrew used his college experience in undergraduate and Master’s degree programs to perform well in the exam.

Using Certification to Fuel the Construction Career Path

Andrew’s investment in his career paid off. The combination of becoming certified through AIC and completing his Master of Science (MS) program in Construction Management positioned him for higher roles in the industry.

Since joining Fulcrum as a Project Manager, Andrew advanced from Senior Project Manager to Associate Director to Assistant Vice President. Because Fulcrum strongly endorses our certifications internally, Andrew has been well-positioned for promotions.

Now, Andrew manages offices throughout the Eastern U.S., helping the company serve the needs of developers, owners, investors, and lenders with construction risk assessment projects to help to minimize their risk and maximize their return.

The next step for Andrew will be sitting for the CAC Level II exam, which will come at a future time. In the meantime, Andrew is utilizing his other industry designations as a Certified Construction Auditor and Construction Control Professional to support client projects.

Andrew is also becoming more involved in AIC to support the growth of our organization and the construction industry.

How Andrew Has Benefited from Joining the AIC Board

In 2020, Fulcrum leaned into supporting AIC by becoming a corporate sponsor. Their sponsorship created the opportunity for an employee to have a Board seat representing the company. Andrew eagerly stepped into the role to participate in the Board.

Since joining the Board, Andrew has achieved this objectives:

  • Expanded his professional network.
  • Learned from other professionals about how they address challenges in construction.
  • Helped grow brand awareness for Fulcrum.

Over the past year, Andrew has taken on more responsibility in AIC by supporting the Education Foundation. He has also served as a liaison with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) to support the advancement of construction education.

Andrew is focused on expanding the reach of AIC in the academic world. He is building relationships with U.S. colleges and universities to incorporate our CAC Level I exam into their Construction Management degree programs as a graduation requirement.

Overall, Andrew has experienced tremendous professional growth on his career path in the construction industry. It all started with becoming certified as a CAC.

“The networking opportunities afforded by AIC are beneficial to be able to speak with other executives at my level and also to meet younger professionals to help grow their network,” says Andrew Lyons. “Having those three letters next to my name certainly helps people see my expertise in the construction industry.”

Connect with AIC to Support Industry Growth

Whether you are an individual construction professional or you represent a construction company, there are many ways you can benefit from AIC participation. Learn from Andrew’s story to get started or to expand your involvement.

– Learn more about our professional certifications in the construction industry and how to become certified at the CAC or CPC level.

– For current CACs and CPCs, discover the benefits of joining the AIC Board of Directors.

– Learn how your company can get involved with AIC as a corporate sponsor to help accelerate construction excellence.

– Have questions about professional certifications or organizational involvement? Contact us today to discuss how you can get involved.

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