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Two students deciding which study guide to use for AIC exam prep

AIC Exam Prep: Use Our CAC or CPC Study Guides

For current or aspiring construction managers, receiving certification through a respected entity such as the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is critical to furthering your career.

However, there is an important step we recommend before sitting for one of our certification exams. We offer study guides that will help you evaluate your readiness for one of our two certification exams:

Before exam day rolls around, it’s important to complete the appropriate study guide to help you with AIC exam prep. Fortunately, we’ve put together information to help you understand the best way to prepare for the AIC exam you are planning to take.

Which AIC Exam Prep Study Guide Do You Need?

The study guide that is right for you depends on the exam that you are qualified to take. 

CAC Level I exam: this level of certification is for recent graduates of an accredited four-year construction management degree program or those transitioning into construction management from other industries.

CPC Level II exam: this level of certification is ideal for established constructors with several years of project oversight experience seeking to take their careers to the next level. Individuals who sit for the CPC exam should be highly experienced in managing complex construction works.

If you are approved to sit for the CAC or CPC exam, make sure you receive the appropriate study guide materials.

Note: Our study guides are password protected. Once you have registered and been approved to take the exams, we will send you a password to download the free study guide corresponding to the CAC or CPC exam.

What’s Included in the Online Study Guide?

The AIC exam that you take will cover all the material that state and federal governments require for licensure within the construction industry. As such, the study guide will include material covered on the exam to help you prepare for the exam questions, identify gaps in knowledge, and close those gaps before taking the exam.

– If you take the CAC Level I Online Study Course, you will encounter various foundational topics that all construction managers should know to manage construction projects.

For example, Chapter 1 of the CAC study guide focuses heavily on communication within the construction industry, covering the importance of verbal and written correspondence and how to conduct construction meetings and fill out construction reports.

The remainder of the study guide tackles other critical situations you will encounter during your construction career. Soil mechanics, air and fluid mechanics, and how to deal with electricity are all part of the pre-exam materials. The CAC material also focuses heavily on contract laws, OSHA requirements, and other legal aspects of the examination.

– Our CPC Level II study guide will help you prepare for complex questions that evaluate your qualifications to handle advanced aspects of construction management.

The CPC exam focuses on the entire construction project, beginning in the office during the planning phase and running through the completion of the project. Construction ethics play a prominent role in the CPC exam, reflecting the critical nature of ethical dealings in all areas of construction projects.

Additionally, the CPC exam material focuses on communications within the construction industry, construction resource management control, project cost control, safety management, and much more.

What’s the Value of AIC Study Guides?

The study guides are designed to prepare you for success before exam day. We want to ensure that you are ready for the robust nature of the CAC or CPC exam so that you can validate your experience, knowledge, and skills in the industry.

Knowing how the questions on the tests are laid out, which areas are heavily focused on, and the best way to answer complex questions, you can put yourself in a better position to succeed on the exam – and in your career.

We offer the exams two times during the year. We offer spring and fall exam windows to allow current construction managers ample time to prepare for the exam and to tie in with the completion of each semester for construction management students.

If you plan to take one of our professional certification exams in the upcoming window, we recommend setting aside time to complete the corresponding CAC or CPC study guide. The free courses are designed to ensure that you go into exam day prepared, confident, and ready to further your career.
Sign up for AIC exam prep today. Have questions about the exams or exam prep? Need help with your password for the study guide? Contact us today to find the answers you need.

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