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Travis Richardson is the president of Veritas Construction and an AIC Board Member

Travis Richardson Interview: Setting the Standard Through AIC Certification

Travis Richardson understands the value of AIC certification throughout the career of a construction professional. He has grown professionally through the CAC Level I certification. Plus, his company, Veritas Construction, has benefited from embedding certifications into career development programs for their employees.

To help us continue serving the needs of the industry through certifications, Travis has provided exceptional leadership by serving on the AIC Board of Directors since 2020. He has provided tremendous insights from the perspective of the president of a construction company whose mission aligns with ours to set the standard for the construction industry.

We recently talked to Travis about the importance of certifications, the opportunities for employee development, and growing the industry through everything AIC has to offer.

Creating Strong Connections Between Industry and Certifications

Travis Richardson has had a first-hand view of AIC for 15 years. He first encountered AIC when he took the CAC exam (formerly the AC exam) to satisfy the graduation requirements for the Construction Management degree program at Weber State University.

During his first touchpoint with AIC, he realized that the certifications offered by AIC were first-class and very robust. In addition to enjoying the professional benefits of becoming certified, the exam experience paid off tremendously later in his career.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had to take a lot of certifications around the country, and the AIC exam helped me gain confidence to pass those certifications and exams,” says Travis. “If I could pass an exam from AIC, I could pass any other exam.”

Now that Travis is part of the AIC Board of Directors, his insights have helped our organization uphold the highest standards for certification. This way, we continue to truly validate whether construction professionals have the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to manage complex construction projects in a rapidly-changing world.

By setting the standard for what the industry should expect from a professional contractor, we are positioned to help the individual constructor and contractors achieve excellence in every aspect of construction management. Included is the crucial element of ethical dealings.

The Importance of Ethics in the Construction Career Pathway

One of the core elements of AIC certifications is understanding construction ethics. Constructors must have a deep appreciation of ethics to pass our certifications, make a positive contribution to the industry, and advance in their careers.

Travis has taken the AIC Code of Ethics to heart. His company has embedded a version of the Code of Ethics into their employee training program. They use ethics to train employees on how to make decisions and achieve their high standards for construction project delivery.

“Our goal is to help our employees become an overall better industry professional through an understanding of ethics,” says Travis. “Plus, we can position our employees to continue growing in their careers. If they understand ethics, they can become certified, and they can advance.”

We agree that ethics, certifications, and career advancement go hand in hand. Veritas Construction encourages employees to take the CAC exam during the early stages of their careers and the CPC Level II exam later in their careers.

Embedding AIC exams into the career pathway helps create clarity around how employees can advance. It starts at the college level, just like how Travis entered the industry.

Veritas employs many college graduates from the University of Houston, whose Construction Management degree program requires students to pass the CAC exam to graduate. Students become familiar with AIC exams, they are encouraged to get involved with AIC after graduating to tap into growth opportunities, and they are prepared to eventually take the CAC exam.

“The pathway creates a great foundation for young professionals to learn the business as a whole,” says Travis. “This way, you’re not just a craftsman or specific trade. But, you can learn the whole business if you want to advance in your career down the road.”

The Value of AIC for Networking Opportunities

Certifications are the entry point for many construction professionals. They are also the standard by which professionals can hold themselves against throughout their careers.

However, there are many other ways to grow as a construction professional through AIC participation. For Travis Richardson, the networking opportunities afforded by AIC have created tremendous benefits as the president of a construction company.

“There’s a lot of talented people throughout the country with different experiences and backgrounds. Construction is a very large industry, so you can learn a lot,” says Travis. “AIC members can also help in other ways such as providing advice on how to negotiate a contract, helping you find quality talent for specific jobs, and offering mentorship.”

The combination of certification, AIC involvement, and participation in the Board has opened many doors for Travis to build a successful company and strengthen his talent pipeline. The more contractors that buy into this systematic approach, the more likely the industry will flourish.

“It’s the industry’s job to teach constructors and fill in gaps. You don’t just learn everything through college. It’s through real-world experience, mentors, and dialogue that you make a positive impact and elevate the industry,” says Travis.

“By being on the Board, there’s more opportunity to help the younger generation. I appreciate the opportunities to be active in the industry and carry out my personal commitment to helping build up the construction industry.”

We appreciate Board members such as Travis Richardson who are doing their part to accelerate constructor excellence. We invite like-minded individuals who are committed to certification, ethics, and supporting the individual constructor to get involved.

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