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Construction in progress as part of a plan for starting your own construction business

Starting Your Own Construction Business? Consider AIC as a Resource

After accumulating a certain amount of experience in the construction industry, it’s only natural to start thinking about whether you want to start a construction company of your own.

Before taking that step, though, there are many unique things that you need to think through so that you can grow and maintain a successful operation over time. Things to consider include insurance, staffing, accounting, tax, customers, equipment, and legal support.

Another important thing to think about when starting your own construction business is ensuring that you have a strong support system in the construction industry. You need partners in your corner that will help you make key business decisions throughout the life of your company.

We believe one of the important partners to consider is our organization, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC). We’d like to explain further how we can support your planned venture.

Why Work With AIC to Support Your Own Construction Business?

For more than 50 years, AIC has been the professional home for constructors. We are made up of a community of construction professionals who believe in the value of professionalism and ethics in the construction industry.

Our organization includes construction leaders who have built their own companies, contractors and subcontractors who can help you grow your network, and other industry professionals who can provide you with sound and helpful advice.

Through conversations and gatherings, you have the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected and capable professionals in the industry. By tapping into their experience and wisdom, you can gain insights into how to conquer complex issues that you will face when starting a new company.

– To highlight the value of working with AIC to support a new construction venture, we encourage you to watch the following video interview with Tanya Matthews, the president of TMG Construction. TMG is a leading design/builder and general contractor that serves institutional, governmental, and military clients in the Washington, D.C. area.

In the interview, Tanya discusses how she utilized the relationships she created through AIC to help her launch a new construction business 30 years ago. Because TMG was established on a solid foundation, Tanya’s company is now positioned to build up the next generation of constructors in our nation’s capital.

Build Your Construction Network Through AIC

You don’t have to go at it alone when starting your own construction business. Our community of professionals can help you walk through challenges they experienced in leadership roles and guide you toward the right answers to complicated questions.

The professionals in AIC can help you think through critical construction issues that include:

  • Formulating your new business.
  • Structuring your management team.
  • Implementing a business plan on the path to eventually turning a profit.
  • Creating a compelling offering to the market.
  • Your product design strategy.
  • The employees, contractors, and skilled workers you need for projects.
  • How to think through and address ethical situations that you will encounter.
  • Safety issues to be aware of when leading construction projects.
  • Where to find customers.
  • How to market your new business.
  • Other issues that are relevant to your specific area of focus.

Plus, many of our professionals will embrace the opportunity to support you on a one-on-basis by serving as a mentor or a coach. Whether you would like to receive long-term support through ongoing mentorship or short-term support through coaching for a set period of time when you start your new business, you can find professionals that are willing to invest in your success.

– Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by our organization. We invite you to consider becoming an AIC member.

You will gain immediate access to tools and resources that will help you on the path to starting your own construction business. You will also be able to connect with industry professionals so that you can start building a strong network of peers.

Make sure your business starts on a strong foundation. We can help you get there!

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