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How to Prepare for Your Construction Project Management Certification

Becoming certified as a construction project manager is a serious matter. There are numerous requirements to receive a bonafide construction project management certification. Individuals that qualify for this distinction must possess certain skills and knowledge that are acquired through education and experience to manage the execution of a construction project.

If you believe that you qualify and if you are committed to serving the construction industry in a professional and ethical manner, then we invite you to learn more about our CPC Certification (Certified Professional Constructor). This is the highest level of certification available to established constructors that have several years of project oversight experience and are looking to take their career to the next level.

In addition to learning more about the CPC exam, we also encourage you to understand how best to prepare for this rigorous exam that will measure your skills, knowledge, and abilities across a variety of construction disciplines.

Why Pursue Our Construction Project Management Certification?

The CPC exam offered by AIC is designed to test your ability to recognize construction principles and use your professional work experience to solve constructor problems, evaluate information, and predict the outcome.

This examination consists of analysis and problem-solving questions that require a deep knowledge of construction situations covering the following nine areas:

  • Project Scope Development
  • Employment Practices
  • Working Relationships
  • Construction Start-up and Support
  • Construction Resource Management
  • Construction Cost Control
  • Project Closeout
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Construction Ethics

If you believe that you have strong capabilities across each of these areas, then you make a great candidate to apply for the AIC exam. If you apply for the exam, are accepted to take the exam, and pass the exam, then you will realize tremendous benefits in your professional career.

Some of the key outcomes of our construction project management certification include the following:

  • Industry recognition for your constructor skills and knowledge.
  • A clear understanding of your individual strengths and weaknesses to address gaps.
  • Public recognition of your professionalism and ability to lead projects.
  • Increased marketability to a prospective employer or current employer.
  • A framework for continuing professional development to support lifelong learning and career growth.

There are key steps on the path to arriving at the destination of passing the CPC exam and realizing these benefits. One of the key steps is preparing for the exam.

The CPC exam is a mentally taxing exercise that will test your understanding and skills. We designed it this way to ensure that only the best constructors are certified in construction project management. Therefore, we encourage you to prepare for the exam so that you can walk into exam day with confidence.

Preparing For the Certified Professional Constructor Exam

We offer a self-paced CPC online prep course that will walk you through each of the core subject areas. The pre-exam course is designed to help you learn more about the specific content that will be covered on exam day and help you identify knowledge gaps that will require more attention during your study preparation.

After taking the pre-exam study course, you will have a greater understanding of how the exam is divided into subject areas that are designed to evaluate your applications, analysis, and evaluation abilities. Gaining a sense of the types of questions you will be asked will help you frame certain concepts in your mind so that you can readily provide answers on exam day.

Understanding these concepts will also position you to efficiently answer questions within the exam window. This is one way that certified professional constructors stand out from other individuals in their field is by finishing the exam.

The CPC exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions over a 4-hour testing window. If you are not prepared, then you could fail the exam simply because you could not complete the questions within the allotted time frame. Make sure you are prepared!

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Apply for the CPC Exam Today

Ready to prove that you are qualified for the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) designation? We encourage Project Managers, General Superintendents, Project Executives, Operations Managers, Construction Managers, and other construction leaders to apply today for the CPC exam.

We only offer the exam twice during the year — in the spring and fall seasons. When you are ready to apply, please visit our CPC application website page to begin the application process. We will then review your application to determine your qualifications to sit for the exam.
Have questions about applying or preparing for the CPC exam?Contact us today to get in touch with our team. We look forward to evaluating your qualifications for our industry-leading construction project management certification.

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