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Gregg Bradshaw is a Construction Manager for Joe D. Hall General Contractors, LLC

Gregg Bradshaw Interview: Opportunities for Construction Career Advancement

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) was founded in 1971. That same decade, our Vice President Gregg Bradshaw first encountered AIC while studying Construction Management at Oklahoma State University.

Gregg’s initial experience with AIC set in motion a decades-long commitment to professional growth as a constructor, resulting in many opportunities for career advancement throughout his career.

In a recent interview, we sat down with Gregg to discuss the opportunities for construction career advancement afforded by AIC. Looking back on 45+ years of involvement in the industry, Gregg provided valuable insights into how AIC can support a constructor on their career path.

An Interview with Gregg Bradshaw About the Benefits of AIC

Professionally, Gregg is a Certified Professional Constructor for Joe D. Hall General Contractors, LLC in Oklahoma. He previously served in Vice President roles for various construction companies, allowing him to develop tremendous expertise in the industry.

With AIC, Gregg serves on our Board of Directors, provides excellent leadership as Vice President, and is a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC). The combination of industry experience and AIC involvement has paid off throughout his career.

We asked him to capture the value of receiving professional certification through AIC, specifically becoming certified as a CPC after sitting for and passing the CPC Level II exam.

“It’s an asset,” Gregg says about having the CPC certification on his resume. “Over my career, I’ve been licensed in 20 states, and I had to take state exams. I felt like I needed to do that – both professionally and for the business profession.”

Because the CPC exam is a true test of a constructor’s advanced skills, knowledge, and experience, Gregg says the exam has given him an advantage when taking on higher roles in the industry.

“The best thing about the Level II exam is it covers every task a construction manager will do – not during each day – but during his career and each project,” says Gregg. “It’s a good measuring tool to make sure you’re staying up with what’s going on in the industry.”

Case Study: How CPC Certification Has Paid Off Professionally

One specific example of how the CPC certification has paid off during Gregg’s career is being able to continue performing critical duties for his company.

In our interview, Gregg recalled the events when the Oklahoma state legislature passed a law allowing public entities to use the Construction Management delivery method for publicly-funded projects. But, in order to qualify, a constructor needed to be certified through a national organization and be registered with the state. Fortunately, Gregg passed the state qualifications because of his certification through AIC.

“For me personally, since the state of Oklahoma requires that certification, I’m allowed to continue to do work and generate revenue for the company I work for,” says Gregg. “It’s a personal satisfaction of having that professional recognition that is equal to an architect or a professional engineer in a very difficult industry that’s very competitive. Having that certification is something good to have on your resume.”

Advice for Aspiring Construction Managers

Gregg Bradshaw has enjoyed a distinguished career in construction. One of the keys to his success has been committing to professional growth, which started with his first AIC encounter decades ago.

Gregg believes today’s incoming construction managers can learn from his example to also commit to ongoing professional growth, especially by participating in AIC.

“I believe that you always need to challenge yourself. I’m still learning things about this industry every day,” says Gregg.

“For a young person or someone new to this industry, don’t think you’re just going to graduate, go to work, and have a job. There is continuing education. You’re going to learn something new every day in this industry. By being part of this organization that requires continuing education, it will benefit you for your entire career.”

We appreciate Gregg providing construction managers with a roadmap for success. For aspiring, new, or veteran construction managers, we encourage you to become an AIC member to tap into the opportunities afforded by AIC.

By becoming part of our organization, you will be well-positioned to achieve higher positions, grow in your understanding of critical topics, and support the growth of the industry as a whole.

Watch Gregg Bradshaw’s video interview.

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– Find out how to sit for our CAC Level I or CPC Level II certification exam.

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