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Douaa Eldiraoui, a young leader in the construction industry

Douaa Eldiraoui Interview: Find Opportunities to Grow as a Constructor

Douaa Eldiraoui is on the Board of Directors for the American Institute of Constructors (AIC). Douaa’s story encapsulates the opportunity to grow as a construction professional by becoming involved in AIC.

We would like to highlight the pathway that Douaa has followed from becoming certified in college to joining the AIC Board. This same path is available to constructors who are looking for a place to call home throughout their career in the construction industry.

Starting Out: Value of Certification in Construction Management

Douaa first encountered AIC during her time at the University of Houston. She took our Associate Constructor (AC) certification exam in 2015 to satisfy the graduation requirements of the university’s Construction Management degree program.

“I thought it was great to have a certification with the degree because I thought it would add value to my resume. It was definitely a great addition,” says Douaa.

After completing college, Douaa stayed engaged with AIC as a member of our organization while starting her career in the construction industry. The mission of AIC to support the individual constructor and to accelerate construction excellence strongly appealed to her.

She was also drawn to our organization because of the many opportunities to develop leadership skills, access a network of other professionals, find help with career advancement, and give back to the construction community.

Advancing to the AIC Board of Directors

After obtaining experience in the construction industry, Douaa became interested in the opportunity to join the AIC Board. She applied for an opening in 2019 and was officially elected to the Board in 2020. Douaa immediately saw the benefits of Board participation.

“I was able to connect with individuals across the U.S. within the industry. I was able to learn more about ethics, so I increased my knowledge of ethics within the industry,” says Douaa. “The other addition was being able to connect with Construction Management students and being able to mentor a few of them.”

– To hear more about Douaa’s experience on the AIC Board, take a moment to watch the following video interview. Douaa talks about the benefits of staying involved with AIC throughout the early stages of her construction career.

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Diving Deeper into AIC Supporting the Ethics Competition

Since joining the Board, Douaa has participated in our annual collegiate ethics competition. She recently served as a judge for the competition.

“It was a great experience to go through the various scenarios and have the different universities participate. I learned a lot through it. Putting in that effort to teach the college graduates about ethics was impactful,” says Douaa.

Through her experiences with AIC, Douaa has grown her appreciation and understanding of ethical situations to help her make critical decisions as a Project Manager. Recognizing that ethics is something you take with you every day to work, Douaa says the ethical training she has received through AIC has helped her grow as a professional.

“Often, you get so caught up in projects and project work that you don’t have time to pause and ask whether something is ethical or not,” says Douaa. “AIC training provides you with a reminder of what is ethical vs. unethical.”

What’s next for Douaa is taking our Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) exam. Douaa is looking to gain more experience to satisfy the qualifications to sit for the exam, then she anticipates reaching CPC status to support career growth. We are confident that she will reach this next milestone on her path in the construction industry.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Grow as a Constructor

Douaa Eldiraoui has a great story to tell about the value of staying involved with AIC beyond college. We encourage students who are currently studying in a Construction Management degree program to think about how to get involved with AIC after taking the AC exam.

We also encourage recent graduates of Construction Management degree programs to get involved with AIC during the early stages of your career. Now is a great time to build your network, find answers to real-world challenges in the industry, and find help identifying your passion in the construction industry. Let AIC be your go-to resource.

Learn how to become an AIC member. We are looking for future construction leaders to participate in our organization and help us accelerate construction excellence. You could be the next success story like Douaa!

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