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Continuing Education in Construction: Why Earn CPD Credits?

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) offers a robust certification program to support constructors on their career paths. Becoming a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) is a logical step for expert construction managers looking to supercharge their job trajectory and advance into new, more challenging roles.

As the highest level of certification that we offer, the CPC designation highlights the best and brightest in the industry. But what can you do beyond receiving this accreditation? Continuing education through AIC is the key to staying up-to-date and remaining at the top of the industry.

Learn more about the benefits of continuing education construction professionals should consider as part of their career path.

The Case for Continuing Education

Why would a CPC want to engage in continuing education? The reason is simple: to continue growing as a construction professional and open up new doors for your career.

New Trends

To continue advancing, it is necessary that construction managers and project managers stay on top of the latest trends, new technologies, and other advancements.

Keeping yourself informed about advances in architectural thinking, general contractor building methods, and safety procedures will help you in your role and inspire those around you.

Contributing to a work environment that prioritizes personal growth and development can make for a thriving company that gets more done and has higher morale. Plus, staying abreast of new trends can land jobs with forward-thinking clients and really set you apart in the industry.

Hit Refresh

It’s no secret that doing a job day in and day out can cause people to slip into auto-pilot. Performing similar tasks in a repetitive cycle takes some of the fun and stimulation out of what drove you to construction in the first place.

Taking a class, engaging with your peers, or learning about new ideas can shake that monotony and get you re-invested in being the best constructor you can be.

Be a Life-Long Learner

As a CPC, you’ve already proven that you are a highly capable constructor. You want to forge new pathways and grapple with new ideas.

An AIC-certified constructor should be a life-long learner, someone who is continuously reinventing themselves and reinvesting in their career as the industry shifts and changes. Continuing your professional development is essential to retaining your edge and helping others to grow along with you.

How to Earn CPD Credits Through AIC

Certified constructors are required to participate in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Beyond meeting the requirements, though, it’s important that you continuously grow as a professional and help bolster the wider construction community.

Earning CPD Credits is a quantifiable way to progress through various levels of continuing education while evolving in your career. Here’s how you can earn credits and support your career path in construction.

  • Join AIC – The first thing you should do is become a member of AIC. This will not only show people your commitment to the field, but it will also open up numerous doors for free or discounted continuing education.
  • Take a Training Course – AIC has plenty of resources and partners that offer classes and webinars. Attending these informational sessions or completing a course is one of the most direct ways you can advance.
  • Attend Industry Events – Not only are industry events a great place to meet like-minded individuals, but they’re also ripe with new ideas and presentations by experienced professionals. Check out the AIC Calendar for CPD-approved events.
  • Get Involved – Join a committee or an advisory board. Whether you’re participating in a Commission Committee that deals with Exams and Knowledge or working in conjunction with a university to promote certification programs, becoming an active part of the community will help you grow and introduce you to new information.
  • Review or Write Articles – Feel like sharing insight or doing some research on a construction topic that intrigues you? Consider reviewing or writing articles for AIC, including The Professional Constructor journal and AIC’s regular newsletter.

All of these activities not only help to push your education and career in new directions, but they also have the added benefit of helping to maintain your certification.

As a stipulation of your certification, all CPCs must earn 32 Hours of CPD every two years to maintain status. With all the many ways you can earn credits and grow in your career, this is an exciting opportunity for any construction professional.

Continuing Education Construction: Take the Next Step!

Looking to advance as a construction professional and put your certification to the test? Check out all the educational resources and opportunities AIC offers.

Earning CPD credits will help you remain in good standing as a CPC, help you to grow as a constructor, and create value for the construction industry as a whole.

– Need help with continuing education construction professionals should pursue? Reach out to us today to make sure you are on the right path as a certified constructor.

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